Monday Morning Motivation

I was texting a friend from the ICU this morning and I figured this text message would impact more here. Life and our day-to-day is about perspective. Did you start your day grateful for breathing in bed? I woke up in my bed which was two chairs facing each other with pillows all around my… Read More

Opening Ceremony

Leadership is relationships. Leadership is influence. What do the two have in common? Character. Where does character come from? Habits. And habits come from intention. And vision is intention. “Thoughts become choices, choices become actions, actions become habits, habits become character and character is your destiny.” – Stephen Covey The core of NSLC is the… Read More

Bi-Annual Life Update

Wow, it’s been almost 10 months since a life update post. A lot has happened and now is just the time to recap. Life sure does move fast! Harvard I guess I’ll work my way back because that will be easy to remember. This week I’m going to Harvard University in Boston, Mass. Last summer,… Read More

Say No & Let It Be

For so long, I’ve felt like I was faking it or winging it. Today, I realized I was learning the whole time. But see that’s the thing, we’re always learning & growing. What am I talking about… This morning I said no to a major 6 month contract. Two years ago this was what I… Read More

Life Update; Since January

The past six months, I’ve kept quiet from social media to give myself the freedom to create and focus. I’m currently in Washington D.C. but here’s what I’ve been up to since New Years! Here’s a comprehensive list of previous engagements. Breaking Down the Walls and the entire Learning for Living team have poured so… Read More

To be continued…

How many decisions does the average person make each day? 10? 100? 1,000? About 4,000. Whether we are making decisions about what to wear, eat, or when to do our homework we are constantly making subconscious, habitual, or decisions. It’s important we make good decisions for our health, safety, and futures. Even more important is… Read More


Yesterday, we shared ideas around royalty, elections, recognition, dances, and maintaining our teams. Remember to stretch! Stretch out to include, involve, and recognize those on the outside. For example, what are we doing for the new staff and students that will be transferring to our school after winter break? Here are the 5 L’s we… Read More

Ice Cream Challenge

A friend reminded me of Steve Job’s “Connecting the Dots” Stanford graduation speech yesterday. She shared, “In hindsight things are 20/20.” I began to reflect on that this morning and started connecting many dots. Have you ever experienced this? Have you ever wonder “why” in your life? Have you ever been blown away in astonishment… Read More

The Compound Effect

There was a high school boy walking home with big headphones on and a yellowish/green neon shirt that read in big letters, “My shirt is brighter than your future.” Let’s dissect this a bit. First, everyone has a story. Maybe this was the only shirt this boy had. Maybe it was the only clean shirt?… Read More

Little Ones Give The Most

I visited the cemetery today and called my mom’s cell phone a few times to hear her sweet voice. 12 seconds of love and joy on my ear. “You’ve reached Gena Silveria. I can’t get to the phone right now but if you will please leave a message I’ll get back to you just as… Read More

Ordinary Greatness

On my drive home tonight, I saw something so ordinary it shook me. It was something you and I used to do as kids all the time growing up; however, today it’s turned into a thing of the past. So many times, we aren’t vigilant of the little things.  On Sunday, I was reading in… Read More


It feels as if you are breathing in harmony with your audience. As if everyone’s heartbeat is in unison. The crowd is laughing hysterically, people are on the edge of their seats, and we’re having way too much fun!  Bringing happiness, laughter, & joy to people have always been a passion of mine. Let me… Read More

Lead Your Life With These 5 Quotes

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou “It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead your life, … If you lead your life the right way, the karma will… Read More

Selfless Play

At the gym, this boy came up to me while I was practicing free throws. He asked, “Wanna play me 1-on-1.” I nodded my head and said, “Sure.” As I walked over to his court, thoughts flooded my head. His father was sitting on the bench and I had noticed earlier they were practicing. I… Read More


  It was the shortest talk I’ve ever given. About 28 seconds. It was also with some big wigs! To name a few: the COO & President of FedEx, CEO Kristy Kreme, President Ford Motor Co,, Retired CEO of PepsiCo, International & National President’s of Salvation Army, & about 50 more CEO’s, Presidents, VP’s… you… Read More

Games Our Grandparents Play

A friend today shared how her grandparents play this game every morning. They walk in their neighborhood around the block a few times. They play a game where they see who can get the most “hello’s” back. They’ve been playing it for years. Grandma always seems to win but this time would be different. Grandpa… Read More

Wednesday; Not Your Average Hump Day

A day with every emotion. Highs and lows and everything in between. Recently, it’s felt as if every day I’m expanding further out of my comfort zone. Monday, I had a very challenging day of Breaking Down the Walls for many reasons. The feeling I walked away with is that I sometimes can be way… Read More

The Doctor Visit

November 10, 2016 in Rocklin, CA there I was sitting in a doctors office with the doctor and my mom. Today, I just listened to the 31 minute and 18 second recording. I remember the meeting as if it was yesterday. We sat in the small office and waited for the doctor to come in… Read More

Roy Rodgers

6:00am I’m in the sauna after an early morning workout at the gym. I’m alone but in walks an older gentleman. I look him in the eyes, tilt my head, and put a welcoming smile on my face as I say, “Hi. Good morning!” The man replied, “It is a good morning! You know…” Simutaneously,… Read More

How to discover your why?

Yesterday, at a Fourth of July pool/BBQ party there were about a dozen adults and four little boys all under the age of four. Granted… most of the adults were married couples… I decided to go sit at “the kids table” and check out the basketball video game they were playing. At first, their little… Read More

Earned Leadership 

“Forget about it, get back on D!” “D, up!” *Shots up* – “I got short, you go long.” “Cut! Good work! Good hit Bob!” “We’re alright. We got this. Switch!” As if these were lines in a play, this is what it sounded like on the basketball court today. If you’ve ever played “pick up”… Read More

Finding Happiness 

She knew I wasn’t happy. All she ever wanted was for me to be happy. She said, “I don’t want to hold you back. I want the very best for you.” She added, “you’ll know how much I love you when you have a child of your own one day.” I held myself back, I… Read More

What is the greatest gift we can give?

Expecting? New parents? Two things sparked this post. Yesterday, I saw a 40 something year old man with a scraggly beard and a stretched out t-shirt that read: “World’s Greatest Day!” Today, I was at a local health store getting an acaí fruit bowl and there were three mom’s each with their daughters. Two of… Read More

Value of Life

How many of us know someone who lives their life in bed or a wheelchair? Or how many of us know an older person and/or grandparent that lives alone that we haven’t visited in awhile? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions this is for you. My mom lived in bed with chronic… Read More

We World

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday this note, “PSA: Bathroom graffiti now has a purpose. At the high school where I take my community college class, students write their Instagram handles on the toilet dispensers. I’ll no longer feel bad about my lack of followers in comparison to my sister.” How many times have we checked… Read More

The Little Red Head

I didn’t catch the little girls name but she made a big impact on me this morning. I walked into church with my dad this morning and there was an open spot on the end of a pew next to a family of four. The husband on the far end of the pew, the son… Read More


I saw a friend once wear a shirt that said, “Kill your TV.” 10 years later, I get it. Tonight, I get it! Watching a movie tonight with my dad, trying to just sit back & relax. I rarely watch TV, mostly for sports events or educational television (rare). Mind you, one of my goals… Read More


I’ve known Mike for 10 years. I used to play basketball with him and his son John at the gym. Today, I ran into Mike at a different gym across town. He came into the sauna and we embraced in hellos and how are you’s! The conversation turned to how his son John was and… Read More

Eyes Wide Open

Looking up, I saw a big white cross the size of a door through a window that had a shade over it. I stared at it for at least 5 seconds trying to understand. Walking towards the window I was now trying to understand how this could be. This cross was massive and it was… Read More

Good Mexican Food

Have you ever asked yourself, “How did that just happen?” Kind of like, how did the Patriots just come back in the second half?! Not quite. Have you ever followed your intuition, your gut? Have you ever let go and let God? “It’s not about how to achieve your dreams, it’s about how to lead… Read More

A Christmas Story

It’s 3:51am the morning after Christmas. I lay here with my heart pounding and partially out of breath. My right arm is throbbing and my back is still sore. Why am I writing at 3:51am because I’ve noticed it’s best to write while the emotions are fresh. I’m exhausted, tired, alone, and contemplating just going back… Read More

A Prayer for Caregivers

I’ve noticed it’s best to write when the emotions and ideas are fresh. I lay here resting on the carpet of my parents house as I smell the Christmas tree that my dad prepared over the weekend. I’m writing this just moments after hearing these words, “I’ve lost my dignity.” 10:00am this morning I got… Read More

Stories people shared while traveling

That moment when you’re boarding the plane and the only seat left is a middle seat between a grandma and a young mom with a crying baby. Gently, I hopped over grandma and plopped down smack dab in the middle of 2 (3 counting the baby) strangers. The mom was preoccupied trying to get Madison… Read More

Keep Sowing

“Basic garden math: 1% of the seeds turns into 50% of the flowers. Plant lots of seeds.” – James Altucher I remember when I was a little kid I had this idea of starting a garden. The original idea rooted from when I was carving pumpkins. My grandpa said, “If you take out all those… Read More

Donuts & Daughters

Chocolate or Maple bars? They sit in the glass case as if they were diamonds at Jared or the Shane Co. This time it was Safeway! Selected the biggest Maple one I could scope out. Airport bound, one hand on the steering wheel and another on this soon to be demolished heavenly experience. Yet something… Read More

Aunt Cecilia 

Funerals are for the living. We remember, we celebrate, and we are reminded of the precious gift of time. Tonight was a rosary celebration for my Aunt Cecilia and tomorrow follows the funeral mass and burial.  Aunt Cecilia was a compassionate and soft soul. She embodied many of the same characteristics my grandma (her mom)… Read More

Remember when… 9/11/01

Eating my frozen eggo waffles with maple syrup, I sat dressed in my school uniform. Navy blue slacks, a white polo, and some goofy hair composed with goopy gel; it was all planned to be a normal day in the 7th grade. But it wasn’t, not at all.  The chubby late bloomer that I was… Read More


The sauna/steam room… By golly, some of the greatest conversations happen in there! Last night, my friend Raymond and I went in the steam room after our workout. Raymond started to ask me questions about the meaning of being religious. Before I could respond, the man sitting in their next to us decided to chime… Read More

The Secret

The secret to finding your partner, a new career, or a new best friend lies beyond the screen in pivotal transition moments. “Find time to casually explore, follow our whims, or think big, this capacity is a major competitive advantage in the era of constant connectivity” says Scott Belsky. Value the power of serendipity and we… Read More


“A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie I’ve recently been taking an eight week Dale Carnegie course titled, “Effective Communications and Human Relations Success.” The Human Relation Principles are simple, effective, and utterly mind blowing. For example, some include: how to become a friendlier… Read More

You couldn’t make this story up!

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like things go from bad to worse? We think to ourselves, “You couldn’t write this!” We sit in our cars at a stop light thinking, “Why is this happening? Please stop!” And the rain begins to pour! Yesterday, I had one of these days… Read More

5 Networking Tips for Introverts

Peers often ask me, “How do you do it?” I respond, “Networking is fun! I’m at two to three a week. It’s about building relationships not business.” And then, I share with them tidbits I’ve learned to overcome anxiety. Today, I was asked to write these for a reporter and thought I’d share with all.… Read More


“Freddie!” Alec shouted across the parking lot through the trees. Walking around the corner, I saw it was Alec. With his hair slicked back and a smile from ear to ear he greeted me with energy and grace. Alec and I are both in the same Dale Carnegie training on Thursday afternoons. Little did Alec… Read More


I thought this story was going to be about Robert but little did I know God had much more in store for me. I don’t know about you but how many times in a month can you brush things off with saying to yourself, “that must’ve been a coincidence.” When do you say, “It was meant… Read More


I sat down to eat my burrito alone since I was traveling on the road. Mid way through devouring this tasty hot mess, a curly haired, scraggly bearded, and large man-boy who looked like Chris Farley’s twin sits adjacent to me on this community concoction of tables. He flops his burrito down while scrolling up… Read More


I walked up to Breana the barista at Starbucks. She looked tired and looked like she could use a “pick me up!” I said, “Hi there!” She replied, “Hi. What can I get started for you?” In my head, I was thinking what can I say to make Breana’s day. How can I evoke a… Read More


Imagine 30 kids around 4 tables working on arts and crafts at a summer camp in the backwoods. All these children were between the ages of about 6 to 12 and all came from troubled backgrounds. I was a counselor at Camp HOPE a few weeks ago and this one moment made the biggest impact… Read More

Find Your Church

By golly, God has a funny way of reaching us! Today I did something a little out of the ordinary. I give thanks regularly to God but like working out at the gym sometimes we can plateau. If we don’t feel that strain on our muscles or that “sore” feeling than we aren’t growing. It’s… Read More

The Tug-of-War

Success, Power, & Money make up the world we live in. Humility, Service, & Integrity are the world we are called to embrace. Our walls and newsfeed are infiltrated with “success quotes” about how to be our best in business. Humans naturally seek importance because we desire love; however, when our quest for influence and… Read More

The Little Girl

In church, we just finished the “Our Father” and the priest offered us the space to give thanks and peace to our neighbors. We shook hands and said “Peace Be With You.” Yet, something out of the ordinary happened that triggered something I had read about a few weeks ago. I read that we are… Read More


Lately, I’ve felt God close to me. It’s been a remarkable feeling because stuff will happen and I have to practically pinch myself. I’ve felt a divine connection with the spirit guiding me {somewhere}. Last week, I connected with a new friend over lunch. Let me back track, how we ended up at lunch was… Read More

Peace & Prayer

Sure we give stuff up for Lent but for the next couple of weeks I plan to give more of my heart and share the wisdom of the Truth. I will be more loving, caring, and compassionate towards those I meet. My heart and intentions are focused around bringing happiness and joy. So here it… Read More

Speak Love

I heard a jaw dropping story last night. It went something like this… Fr. Cromly was visiting an abortion counseling center. It was a place where women counseled other women who had just had an abortion. After sometime with the counselors, Fr. Cromly started to learn that the women doing the counseling were women that… Read More


Remember when you told your 6th grade crush you had a thing for her and she was like “riiight (sigh).” That sucked! What can we learn from rejection? Rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good enough; it means you haven’t refined your message clear enough to articulate who you are and what you have to offer.… Read More


You know that feeling when you’re just ON! It’s like your invincible. You say the right things, you’re totally present in the moment and clicking on all cylinders. What if we could live in that element all the time. It’d look like Bradley Cooper in that movie “Limitless.”  Reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, she… Read More


I sat in the drivers seat of my champion Volvo at noon today in San Francisco. I had just finished having a cup of joe with one of my best friends and I thought to myself… “What do I really WANT to do today?” Without hesitation, I pulled out my phone and discovered the fastest… Read More

“Miracle Morning”

I took action on what I wrote about last night this morning and boy oh boy do I have some encouraging thoughts to share! After reading Hal Elrod’s, “Miracle Morning” and Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” I’m on the path to the self-image and way of life I want. It’s my hope to inspire the… Read More

… I hope you dance!

You’re in the middle of a crowded sushi restaurant having a stimulating conversation with someone you’re just getting to know and your song comes on, what do you do?  Last night, I was at Mikuni’s sushi downtown with the coolest cat in Sacramento! We’d been going back and forth for hours about who we used… Read More

Shower in the Dark

Let’s take a cold shower too! (Not literally both of us silly, you catch my drift!) Mix it up and change the daily routine before you start that New Years Resolution. I read once it takes 21 days to change our habits. Shower in the dark and awaken your senses to improve your resolutions, dating life, work,… Read More

Show Me

Great leaders inspire, energize, and influence other people. Being that leader, you have to live it when you’re “on” and “off.” We’ve all heard how we can be the “best-version-of-ourselves” and we all know what to do. But what is going to move us to action. Matthew Kelly writes, “People want to get behind someone… Read More

“Gratitude” By: Alex Levesque

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I had to share my dear friends blog on “Gratitude.” He’s an amazing guy! See, read, & follow Alex! 🙂 “Approaching Thanksgiving I reflect back on the speech I gave to my high school on Gratitude that ignited my passion to speak to others and inspire. We are reminded of… Read More

Boys to Men

Wow! When I reflect back on this time last year, I realize how much I’ve grown. I’m still the same person morally and ethically but boy oh boy have I changed. This time last year I decided to leave my great sales job with Pepsi and follow my intuition. I’ll never forget… it was a… Read More

The Basketball Feeling

“Whatever emotion you’re after, whatever vehicle you pursue, whatever your nirvana is, I have found it’s only an attempt by your brain to meet one or more of six human needs. 1) Comfort 2) Variety 3) Significance 4) Love/Connection 5) Growth 6) Contribution.” – Tony Robbins Until now, I haven’t known what Basketball has meant… Read More

National Sibling Day

Valentines is to Single Awareness Day as National Sibling Day is to Only Child Syndrome. Dude, really!?!? First it was Valentines. Now Sibling Day! When am I going to catch a break with these things? 😛 79% of kids growing up in the US have siblings. A great day nevertheless. A day we are reminded that… Read More


It’s amazing what happens when we get uncomfortable. Speaking last week, I witnessed and felt a transformation unlike any other. I felt teens develop their confidence. One boy shared what was on his bucket list. He wanted to meet a rapper that he had connected with through tough times, Eminem. I asked if he could… Read More

Connectedness & Belonging

Last night, “Graham Moore won Best Adapted Screenplay for writing The Imitation Game. He told the audience that he had tried to kill himself when he was 16 because he felt he didn’t belong. To the outcast teenagers of today, he said, “Stay Weird. Stay Different.” “One in five teenagers in the U.S. seriously considers suicide… Read More

Mind, Body, & Words

Did you know, most people use the same 200 words every day? We are a habitual species. Our minds run on autopilot based on how we were trained and conditioned at a young age to communicate. So here’s the big question, if everything from school to business to relationships is based on communication, wouldn’t we… Read More


We’ve all been there. Uncomfortable or lost about an upcoming life transition like graduating high school or making a career change. You’re excited, nervous, and scared simultaneously. The unknown is the fear and happiness is the pursuit. But HOW do we transition? I get asked this question all the time. Last night, I was meeting… Read More

Time. Talent. Treasure.

#GivingTuesday. 316 million people live in America. 49 million live in food insecure households. 27 million people experience depression. #GivingTuesday kicks off the Christmas season today; give your time, talent, and/or treasure. Time. It’s funny… It wasn’t until a time in my life that I didn’t have much that I realized I had plenty. I’ve… Read More

Power of Intention

Everything happens for a reason. This past weekend, I lived this notion. Friday, I was speaking at RHS and asked a few group leaders to celebrate what was good in their lives. I did so myself and noted that I was very appreciative for a few close friendships I’ve been blessed with. Little did I… Read More

A Thank You

What’s on your bucket list? A month ago, I met a boy wearing a graphic South Park T-Shirt, a baseball cap backwards slightly tilted off-center, and yes… stunna shades. He was the epitome of a “class clown” cracking jokes left and right with his buddies but before I could go ask him to shape up…… Read More

Coping Skills

It’s hard. We are walking around, in line at Starbucks, driving to school and we are dealing with stress. We go home and sometimes feel all alone and feel like no one understands me or that my life would be easier if I were someone else… Depression, loneliness, pressure, & change push us to thoughts… Read More