“Miracle Morning”

I took action on what I wrote about last night this morning and boy oh boy do I have some encouraging thoughts to share! After reading Hal Elrod’s, “Miracle Morning” and Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” I’m on the path to the self-image and way of life I want. It’s my hope to inspire the best for you and for us to help each other grow and learn along the way! 

Last night, I decided to set my alarm extra early and implement Hal Elrod’s “Miracle Morning” routine into practice for this morning. Recognizing that we can always be better is the first step. As Tony Robbins alludes, knowledge is not power unless it’s acted upon. Execution trumps knowledge everyday of the week!

This morning I set my phone alarm clock on the other side of the room; hence, I had to physically get out of bed to turn it off and safe guard myself from hitting the snooze button. Honestly, I got out of bed and picked it up and returned back into my warm sheets. I began to close my eyes and thought to myself I’m going to need this extra hour of sleep because I have a busy day ahead of me that won’t end until nearly 1 am due to a late seminar in San Francisco. I reminded myself that Hal mentioned this feeling might happen and that you owe it to yourself to wake up immediately and meet the day with purpose and focus. Rise & shine! 

Immediately, I threw the sheets off and firmly planted the bottom of my feet on the soft carpet. I felt alive like I’m doing this! With authority, I rushed to the washroom and brushed my teeth. Hal referenced that this would stimulate your senses to feel fresh as you start your new day. Next, I thought… wait what’s next?! I forgot the next step but I paused in place in the hallway and subconsciously allowed my brain to gather. I remembered and with purpose stormed to the kitchen and picked up the biggest cup I could find. Ever drink a whole giant glass of water in one big chug, yeah that was me!?!? Afterwards, I felt that sense of “Ahhhhh!” It would’ve looked like one of those Coca Cola commercials. The quick three step phase was complete in 90 seconds (alarm, teeth, water).

Purposefully, I knelt on the edge of my bed and I wrote down on a blank page the next 6 step/6 minute plan for me to guide my this experience (silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise, reading, writing). The next 7 and half minutes (adjusted for catching my breath after the exercise phase lol) was remarkable! I began my “Miracle Morning” with prayer, told myself I’m confident, visualized what my best day would look like, did 30 push ups and 30 sit ups, read one and half pages of “You can feel good all the time,” and topped it off by quickly noting under my 6 reminder words how I felt!


In 10 minutes, I had accomplished complete mind, body, and soul rejuvenation (more than most dream of accomplishing in a day)!!!

Entering the washroom a second time, I turned off all the lights and conducted my shower in the dark. I feel it sparks a sense of creativity and self-awareness. Full disclosure, I didn’t take a cold shower like I referenced in my blog post last week; yet, I did crank the shower head to the far right for a few seconds at the close of business to put chills down my spine! I’d encourage you to jump in and try this all-inclusive 15 minute morning routine tomorrow and embrace feeling alive with purpose! If all else, my core was burning from those sit ups haha!

I felt like a new man that could move mountains and heck by 8am I’ve finished reading a book and I’m about done with today’s blog post! It also encouraged me to “properly” make my bed and dress for success. It’s crazy that I really did think that extra hour of sleep would have done me better but at 7:55am right now I feel more awake and excited to conquer this hump day.  


Lastly, I was in my car before the sunrise armed with my laptop, books, and gym bag to go to battle for freedom. Freedom for myself, my life, my future, my family, and my world. I told myself I would drive east and as soon as my Blinkist App finished my “spark notes” on “Think and Grow Rich” I would stop and find the nearest Starbucks to take action on my one minute of visualizations from my “Miracle Morning! 

Final thoughts. Napoleon Hill eloquently states, “Successful people with goals/dreams are driven with a burning desire and unwavering faith in themselves. Imagination and creativity turn your thoughts into reality. Subconsciously feed your brain with positive emotions and work it out like a muscle daily. Complacency is your worst enemy hence keep learning. Endurance and persistence are essential to results. Wealth (in any form) is a result of traits/skills that anyone can acquire.” In addition, one of my dear friends and mentors Jeff Haskins lives by and encourages us that “consistency is key.” Stay consistent and see your “Miracle Morning” through for at least 30 days. It’s my hope you take away a small nugget to shape a better you towards your best health and happiness 🙂 🙂

Blessings and Gratitude!!

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Resources: Hal Elrod’s Podcast & Blog, Hal Elrod’s 6 Step Miracle Morning, Hal’s Books, Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy, “Think and Grow Rich” book

6 thoughts on ““Miracle Morning”

  1. This day just keeps getting more unbelievable… I’m in the waiting room taking my mom to a dr appt and I step outside to fill her water bottle… Completely minding my own business trying to focus on filling a 20oz Aquafina water bottle at the drinking fountain… Out of nowhere this older gentleman in a wheelchair, white hair, and patches secretly exposed under his garments says, “boy my daughter would like you!” I smile and he proceeds, “yea you, she’s like em’ just like you!” I proceed to appease and entertain the conversation with the nice fellow. Eddie mentions, he’s had cancer for 4 years and it would mean the world to him if I would take his daughter out. I’m thinking pour guy, I can at least sympathizing with his pain. Persistently, he turns the corner and mentions she’s been home schooled her whole life and has never held a boys hand, let alone kissed or felt a mans touch. Being the nice guy I am I continued to listen, “Can I get your name and number?” I thanked him for the flattery and kind words, gently trying to brush it off. Again, Eddie was pulling out all the cards now… He proceeds, “our family is very well off. We would love to pay for a trip for you both to go to six flags and have fun. All expenses paid for.” He was serious! Eager to acquire my information I was starting to get slightly weirded out (rightfully so?). I calmly dismiss the conversation and he begins to offer me a job to work with him. Wow! Thanks Eddie! All alluding to the power of intention & my “miracle morning!”

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