Shower in the Dark

Let’s take a cold shower too! (Not literally both of us silly, you catch my drift!) Mix it up and change the daily routine before you start that New Years Resolution. I read once it takes 21 days to change our habits. Shower in the dark and awaken your senses to improve your resolutions, dating life, work, and squad goals,

So I tried it the last couple days and I’ve found it heightens my senses. How many of us are used to showering with the lights on and warm water? How many feel stuck? Not progressing in life? Mix it up and kickstart new senses to see, feel, and hear a new day with new possibilities!

New Years resolutions. Hop off the bandwagon and change your life. Small daily changes like showering can open doors to a better YOU! Here’s some more simple daily changes while you’re in the car: compose poems at stop lights, listen to rare music and you might find your favorite thing hiding, turn off Bieber and turn on Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, or a audio book (rosetta stone a new language!?).

Dark showers light up your dating life too. Resolve to what you want and go get it. Maybe she is out of your league. True, she is because YOU decided what league you’re in. Invite her into your league!! I read this once and it struck a nerve… “if you’re not courageous (Freddie) you’ll be hanging around the water cooler talking about the guy who is.” 

Maybe you’ve found your Romeo or Juliet but your work is stagnate. Put chills don’t your arms in the morning with a cold shower and create ice in your veins like Chef Curry! You’ll be ready come 10am to feel the sting of a no but you’ll be prepped to know only the yeses matter! If you’ve already froze in the morning, you won’t freeze up and be shy. You’ll be primed and ready to ask for what you need. Forget “warming” that cold call, start your day cold and the call will feel warmer already when you make it!!!

Albert Einstein is universally agreed upon as a pretty smart dude, he said, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” The changes for the better that we intrinsically desire must come from small pivots in daily actions.

Whatever your New Years resolution may be: weight loss, learning a new language, relationship/squad goals, or becoming fiscally responsible start with showers in the dark and see/feel/hear/smell/taste a whole new world.

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