iPhone Social Media Life-Hack; Addiction?


“Where focus goes, energy flows.” Alert: Life-hack brewing!

File Oct 13, 3 07 29 PM

I started to become cognitively aware that I was spending too much time on social media. This week I realized I needed to make a habitual change. First thought, I need to get rid of my iPhone and revert back to the flip phone days (props to those that have one, I envy you for more ways than one)! Then 2015 hit me and I was like… ugh not going to happen. Smh! So I made a subtle change… I held down on the screen hovering my “Social” section and then waited for it to start “shaking.” Next, I dragged it to the right across 2 different App home screens and placed it there because it used to be in the top left of my primary home screen.

Something funny happened… the next day I was at a stop light that routinely takes about an hour to change green so I did what many earthlings do… I whipped out the extension of my human self (aka: my phone). Swiped right (pun intended) and unconsciously reached for the top left. I lol’d at myself and that simple shift in habit has made all the difference in the recent days.

Moral of the story: First, being intrinsically aware of self is clutch. Second, if you notice something may not be good for you, display self-discipline and make it more challenging on yourself to perform.

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