FSA Auctions partners with nonprofits, charity organizations and schools for their major fundraising events. Freddie Silveria is a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist who has pivoted to offer his clients near flawless virtual auction productions and highly successful virtual gala’s. Freddie consults prior to your virtual event to set you up for success and works tirelessly to produce the very best donor experience. Freddie has increased fundraisers by 50% and 46%, VIRTUALLY! FSA Auctions has a studio in Sacramento. Freddie comes with years of experience fundraising millions for 40+ fundraising auctions annually. Call or email Freddie today to understand if virtual auctions are right for you. freddie@FSAauctions.com | 916-708-0560

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“Freddie is simply amazing. After planning and working on a physical annual fundraiser for A Touch of Understanding that was to take place on March 26th ,2020, we were faced with a very tough decision…cancel the event, postpone it, reschedule the event or go Virtual. With Freddie’s guidance and encouragement our small team of staff and volunteers set out to create and produce one of the first Virtual Fundraisers in the Sacramento Region. And oh by the way…do this is 5 and a half weeks. It was a major learning curve for us and Freddie, but everything we needed started to fall into place and this amazing event, that took place on April 30th, 2020, was a huge success. This is due in large part to Freddie, his professionalism, commitment to excellence, energy, and expertise. Our Fund-A-Need segment increased by 300% over last year alone. Our Evening Of Insight Virtual Event was the most successful fundraiser ATOU has ever had.
If you are considering changing your plans from a physical fundraiser to a virtual one…You will want someone on your team that can make it a HUGE success for your organization. Freddie is your guy. We have already booked Freddie for our EOI 2021 event next March. Thanks Freddie for making it all happen for ATOU and for the many children we serve each year.” – Roxanne Snyder, Co-Chair

“Freddie saved the day for me and Trinity Center Walnut Creek! I was impressed that he reached out having been recommended to my organization in years past but not chosen. That demonstrated his organizational skills and sense of follow through. His flexibility and professional approach made it easy to choose him. We had a great plan – PRE COVID-19…and then, just when we were ready to push ticket sales to our annual Gala…Shelter-in-Place Orders prohibited us from having an in-person event! I called Freddie and he had a plan! Within days, he had pivoted to create a virtual option that was unlike anything we’d seen before. With his associates help, we not only had a successful first-ever virtual gala – we doubled our expectation. It wasn’t easy for him to make the shift and we agreed that virtual is HARDER than in-person! We learned as a group and the night of the event, when the music played and our participants started to log-on, it was powerful to see our community rally around us. During and after the event, I have had numerous people (and fellow Non-Profit leaders) remark how much fun they had and how Freddie’s energy made them happy. Additionally, our event was on a Friday evening…by the time I returned to my desk on Monday…there was a hand written card waiting for me, to thank me for choosing FSA Auctions. WOW! That means he had that card prepared and ready to send. As he remarked, “Virtual is here to stay”, even when we have in-person events again. We look forward the the next event and feel more confident knowing we have Freddie on the team! Thank you! 😁” – Victoria Briskin, Director of Development