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FSA Auctions was founded on the mission to make a difference. Freddie Silveria values health, education & faith. The story in a nutshell…

Since 2014, Freddie Silveria has professionally spoken with over 100,000 youth & professionals about leadership, character & creating communities of care. He’s spoken at Oracle Headquarters, Harvard University, & over a hundred middle/high schools across US & Canada. Freddie was called to motivational speaking at a young age after his mother (Gena) had been nearly paralyzed from a drunk driver. She was bed-ridden fighting chronic pain for 17 years and passed away from cancer in 2017.

In 2016, Freddie was drawn to Benefit Auctions. Immediately, he was in love with the idea of helping nonprofits, charity organizations & schools fundraise to support their missions and visions. Freddie still speaks professionally about 60 days a year and partners with over 50 nonprofits, charity organizations & schools the rest of the year. Hear what clients have been saying about their experience with FSA Auctions here.

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