How did you become an auctioneer?

I was volunteering with a nonprofit in Sacramento. They were looking for an auctioneer for their fundraising event and I said I would do it. I remember how nervous I was but once we started it was electric! It was so much fun that I never looked back! I went off to auctioneer college (there is a thing) and then a couple years later I earned my “MBA” in auctioneering (a thing too haha).

Can you talk fast?

Yes. However it’s really just for fun. Most fundraising events require a slower chant. Ask and I’ll tell you a story about how Betty Botter bought some butter.

What’s your fee?

My investment is meant to help nonprofits, schools and charity organizations maximize their fundraising efforts. By investing in me, you also are reducing stress and hopefully eliminating committee burnout due to systems I’ve created to help partners focus their energy on the highest ROI. More so, you are hiring someone who you trust to represent you positively on stage for nearly 1/3 or more of your annual event with your donors. I charge a flat fee with an additional travel fee (for events beyond 3 driving hours).

What are you seeing with 2021-2022 events due to COVID?

For the fall of 2021, I’m seeing in-person, virtual and hybrid events. In September, I’m partnering on 4 virtual, 1 hybrid and 1 in-person only event. In October, 5 in-person, 1 hybrid and 1 virtual. I would encourage a small survey of a select few of your donors and board to see their pulse for 2022.

What live auction items are selling well in 2021?

Wine & Dine experiences are tried and true. Travel is still selling well. The sleeper has been home improvement projects. $10k for a backyard landscaping package. $12k for hardwood flooring improvements. $5k for a generator. And more.

What was the largest event/lot you’ve ever sold?

$1.7 million event and I sold a $100,000 trip of a lifetime! I let them know I would go and be there personal assistant haha.

What was the coolest lot you’ve ever sold?

A glass of tap water for $5,000 because “tonight is not about what we can get but what we can give!”

What do you do outside of fundraising?

I speak with middle and high school students about leadership, character and kindness. I also enjoy playing basketball, traveling and adventure sports.