“Freddie Silveria did an outstanding job as auctioneer for our Me-One Foundation annual fundraising event in December 2018. His boundless enthusiasm paired with his attention to pre-event detail and planning resulted in a formula for a major success for us. Freddie convinced us to take the time to refine and re-structure the categories in the Fund-A-Need portion of the live auction and it really paid off, almost doubling the prior year’s Fund-A-Need. With Freddie’s guidance and skills, we blew the lid off our evening’s fundraising goal, exceeding our expectations by a mile. Freddie is highly creative, and brings a fresh, youthful point of view to modernize and freshen the old tried and true methods of auctions. He researches best practices and is not hesitant to put new ideas into practice.” – Claudia S.

“Freddie was our auctioneer for our annual fundraising dinner & auction and we were so blessed to have him.  Freddie took an active role in planning the event all the way through the event review & recap to determine what we can do even better next year…..he was truly an active participant in our event team and this made a HUGE impact on the success of our event as the funds raised were the most we have ever taken in.  I would HIGHLY recommend Freddie for your fundraising event!!” – John B.

“Freddie was absolutely essential to the success of our auction at Holy Spirit School in Fairfield, CA. Thanks to his help, we exceeded our Fund A Need Goal by close to $10,000! He is genuinely enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. He gave us great advice throughout the course of our planning that helped us greatly to go the extra mile in making our event a huge success! Thank you Freddie and please mark your calendar for next year!” – Mary R.

“I recently attended my first Freddie auction. What fun! The entire crowd was engaged as Freddie darted around the room looking bidders in the eyes, joking with them and making them all laugh (and bid)! From the initial planning meeting to the end of the event, Freddie was a true professional, guiding the volunteer staff through the program and making us all feel at ease amidst the chaos of planning and executing a huge event. The Organization reported that they raised 2x the funds for their charity as in prior years. I am confident this had something to do with his clever quips and mile-a-minute energy.” – Katie M.

“At Spiritual Life’s Center’s auction last night, Freddie was amazing! He connected incredibly well with the audience and had them laughing from the get-go. I know our group made thousands more on this auction because of his energetic, fun and skillful auctioneering! Everyone wants him back –and even suggested we auction HIM off next year!” – Heather E.

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