You know that feeling when you’re just ON! It’s like your invincible. You say the right things, you’re totally present in the moment and clicking on all cylinders. What if we could live in that element all the time. It’d look like Bradley Cooper in that movie “Limitless.” 

Reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, she talks about how ideas are breathing, living, and growing around us. She paints a picture about how ideas (sources of inspiration) are like mystical things that are floating in our existence. This started to make me think on my way home last night from a networking event.

Last night, I felt it and rocked it! Why? Because I was myself. I didn’t care what people thought. I had no intention of anything other than making new friends. By no means do I have the answers but I’m going to attempt to note the process.

First, we’ve all heard quotes about the importance of preparation. True. We have to be ready to rock our next interview, test, sale, or date. By preparing, we are setting up our confidence and confidence attracts what we want! “It’s Your Move” by Josh Altman provides tools and methods for taking risks with calculated confidence and succeeding at work and life. Josh illustrates that we have to be ready. Truth be told, two hours before last nights networking event I was not ready. I was toying with negative thoughts like what am I doing and beating myself up over my current stagnating feelings. Internally, I felt frustrated, lost, and definitely not confident going into this event.

Instantly, I turned up my favorite jams in the car as loud as possible. I rolled down my windows and blared some Justin Bieber. I turned off those negative thoughts and turned on my inner rockstar! Singing along to “What Do You Mean,” I was priming my thoughts to receive words of affirmation. I reverted back to my “Miracle Morning” practices that I acquired from Hal Elrod. My mind was “ready” to receive.

Next, I began self affirmations. I told myself out loud, “Freddie you are strong, powerful, intelligent, ready, and humble. You can learn something from everyone you meet.” My blood was pumping and I could start to sense those negative thoughts floating away. I was ready to grab those “mystical sources” like Elizabeth Gilbert alluded to.

Blood pumping and dopamine levels rising, I than hit the gym to ignite the adrenaline. Find that fire that lights you up. Maybe it’s exercise, music, or phoning a friend. Pull ups, sit ups, jump rope, weights, and stairs the negative thoughts were gone. Bieber, affirmations, and exercise filled my senses. I was almost fully transformed and ready to rumble!

Dressed for success, I centered this new found positivity in the parking lot. Alone with just me and my thoughts, I stood there in silence for a minute focusing on my breathing. I was meditating and visualizing my best self and what I wanted from the event. I wanted to attract opportunities where I could help those I met. Lastly, I prayed. I spoke to God and in silence listened to his graces. 

To be on point, on fleek, on top of the world, or in the zone, we have to breathe and believe in ourselves. Next time, we have those negative thoughts of doubt or fear turn on some Bieber (ok maybe not him but you catch my drift), affirm yourself with positivity, determine your exercise, and visualize your best self!

Go get it! Be ALL-IN! Be ready with a smile to allow positive synergy to attract what you want! 

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