The Tug-of-War

Success, Power, & Money make up the world we live in. Humility, Service, & Integrity are the world we are called to embrace. Our walls and newsfeed are infiltrated with “success quotes” about how to be our best in business. Humans naturally seek importance because we desire love; however, when our quest for influence and authority turns into power seeking we’ve missed the mark. Yes money is part of life and yes theres a responsibility we all hold to earn and provide for ourselves. Moreover, money is not the reason for life and purpose for living. We can’t take success, power, and money with us but oddly enough our souls do take the humility, service, and integrity we embodied throughout our lives.

I tend to think our youth and elders understand life the best. Straight out of the womb we are pure, true, and good. As our ticker tocks, we start to lose sight of worldly and material possessions. For example, I witnessed this in the last few months of my grandma’s life. She tried giving everything away and nothing was more important than the time she had to spend with loved ones and God. However, somewhere between recess and Assisted Living homes we get lost in the dark.

The dark is a constant tug-of-war with the external and internal self. We constantly get pulled towards shiny things that gives us short term pleasure. For example, rad cars that provide “the self” with a feeling of significance. Or, how many likes or friends our “virtual self” gathers. Specifically, I admit I get lost in the success and money channels. It’s almost impossible not to in our daily bombardment from the capitalistic environment we live in here in the USA. The key is to remind ourselves that “the self” is more than a body; it’s a soul. A soul that we need to constantly direct towards what lights us up.

The light is the spirit within us and it’s up to you to turn it on! How can you bring light to the world. Hold the door, listen to hearts, care for the sick, give to the poor, and serve others before yourself. Imagine this, you could be the light for someone else right now on Facebook. Message a friend you haven’t talked with in awhile or make amends with someone you had beef with years ago.

Into the wild we go! Everyday is a new day to be the “best-version-of-ourselves.” Let us go forth to praise the lord with our lives.

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