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By golly, God has a funny way of reaching us! Today I did something a little out of the ordinary.

I give thanks regularly to God but like working out at the gym sometimes we can plateau. If we don’t feel that strain on our muscles or that “sore” feeling than we aren’t growing. It’s like running a mile on the treadmill everyday. The consistency is good for our health but is the growth there? Today, I could feel some different things.

I found on my “Mass Times” app that daily mass was going to be at 12:10pm today so I curiously walked into a empty church downtown. I knelt and prayed while hearing the sound of the holy water splashing into the large “pond” inside the middle of the church. The sound was very soothing and I remember thinking, “This is very peaceful and almost meditative like.” However, it was almost 12:10pm and it still was a vacant church. I thought, “Heaven’s I know its a Thursday but surely someone else will join me?” So I walked out and went down the alley way alongside the church to the sound of whispers.

I found my church but it was more of a chapel. The chapel held about 20 people. 12:08pm I walked in and instantly felt at home. However, I started to feel something new that was unexpected. I sat, quietly by myself in the back of the room, the size of your parents kitchen. I looked around and saw about 19 people who were all over the age of 70 and one little boy who was about 12. I’m sitting there in business casual clothes and standing about one to two feet taller than any other human in the room… I stuck out like a sore thumb! However, this was home, not a physical place, but this was a place I knew that reminded me of who I am and what I value. It was a place that walked life with me in the peaks and valleys of this rollercoaster. More importantly, I felt my grandma! My grandma passed away in September and she meant the world to me. Yet, as I looked around, I saw an older gentleman… I look at his hands and they reminded me of her. His hands looked liked those of someone who had worked 100 years times his age. They were freckled, wrinkled, scarred, and the hands of a working man. His hands were my grandma’s hands. 

I could feel her presence there with me. It was something like a chapter out of Mitch Albom’s book, “Tuesday’s with Morrie.” I saw an old lady that had worn out khaki pants that were riding high up to her belly button and with her “travel” shirt tucked into them. Grandma Carrie was there and I could feel her. Thank you for that time today, God. 

Yet this piece isn’t as much about feeling my grandma in church today as its about finding your place that centers you in being the best you. What do I mean? I mean a place that reminds you of your light bulb. A light bulb that represents what turns you on and fires you up deep to your core. I’m talking about our values, beliefs, and purpose. Our why! 

Interestingly enough, the homily today was on prayer. How to pray and how God answers our prayers. The priest talked about how God knows our prayers before we pray them. He knows in our heart of hearts what we want and need. After mass, I walked to lunch and ran into a dear friend (the same one I ran into in the middle of nowhere in a previous blog here) and we caught up over lunch. His presence filled my spirit and brought the best out in me as I than came to this coffee shop to write. Yet, what inspired me to write this blog today was what happened as I enter this coffee shop, Temple on 29th and S.

In line for my hot chocolate, a gal gently calls out, “Freddie Silveria?” I turned around in silence and she went on to say, “We’re Facebook friends. I’m friends with Jenn M.” I said, “Yes! I just had lunch with her!” Yet, she made me feel appreciated. Katie, thank you!

How this story comes together is that God does answers our prayers. Ironically, today’s mass was about prayers and the prayers I had were for Ahmad S., my mom, and guidance. Through Katie, Jenn, and Ken who I met with this morning, God has been speaking to me today to stay the course and come closer to him so I can help others find their church that brings them closer to feeling love.

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