Be Different – Part 1 Men’s Edition

Be different! It’s okay all the cool kids are doing it! Buddy of mine, straight up goes against the grain & he pushes me to be better. Troy pursues his dreams like a crazy man. He travels all over the world (Kid was in like China last week) racing cars and winning! He has his own clothing line. Oh and he’s like some crazy model in LA & the Bay, kind of a big deal but he’s different (speaks like 4 languages too). Dude is constantly learning and pushing himself. He plays hard (we’ve played together, I know!) but he works much harder!


Another crazy cat (college roommate of mine) is Brian! This guy isranked number 7 in the world as a professional water ski athlete. He is the definition of discipline! All 6 foot 4 of this giant wakes up at 4:45am every morning to go to his day job at PG&E (6 days a week sometimes) and then goes to practice. He eats super clean, does yoga religiously and has strict diet. He takes care of his body like it’s brand new Ferrari! He’s different and he’s disciplined!


You want to talk about being different…. Last night I had the pleasure of listening to Taro Arai (Chief Dreaming Officer of Mikuni restaurant and sushi bar). Dressed in a sick grey suit with a pink bandana, pink t-shirt, and some hella fresh pink kicks…. Guy was on point with some fashion style! He makes different look so cool! He’s opened nearly 10 restaurants that are booming and is an icon in the Sacramento area! He’s different because of the way he makes you feel! Last night, he made me feel so important like I was a celebrity when in actuality this guy is big time! His ability to connect with people and do whatever it takes to make you happy makes him different than the rest. For example, last night he shared a story about a little boy who came into one of his restaurants and didn’t like sushi so Taro asked him what do you like… The little boy said, “Peanut Butter, Rice Krispy Treats, Chocolate, and candy.” So Taro said, “Great! Come back in a week!” The boy did and to the little boy’s astonishment Taro personally made him a roll. He wrapped some chocolate, PB, and some candy in a Rice Krispy Roll and guess what!? The little boy loved “sushi!” Taro is different; he makes you happy!


Ok so this guy I feels like needs a disclaimer but I’m just going to drop it like it’s hot! I met this guy in High School and he was known as “Mr. Loafers!” He acted about 20 years older than he was. He was so intrigued with politics and would always demolish me in any type of debate (I’m sure he’s at lunch with someone now bantering about why Jeb Bush is better than Donald Trump for the Rep. Seat)! None-the-less, he was always a little off and embarked the road less traveled. Now look at this dude: passed the bar, working for DA, & just was crowned the number 1 attorney for his division! The dude is ALL IN!1234414_10151593660081965_1271382820_n









Finally, Joey is way too cool and different. He founded Kutoa! He created bar’s that “empower change by spreading the most fundamental need for happiness and prosperity – health.” He has created a bar that that when you buy it; it also helps feed a child who is hungry. He thinks outside the box and then… grows a bigger box to think outside of!









I haven’t told all these guys this… but I admire them! They are different and cool! They play hard and work harder, they’re disciplined, they make you feel important, they’re ALL-IN, and they’re the change they want to see in the world! That’s it for Part 1 of Be Different: Dude’s Edition! Can’t wait to share some awesome gals next week!

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