College Major: How to Decide

So you just graduated High School. Congrats! Now you know what you’re going to be when you “grow up,” right!?!? Sure you do AND you have jussst the perfect major picked out that will get you there right!?!?


I graduated high school and was like… IDK what I want to do when I grow up but I like to talk… So “Chatty Kathy” over here decided, heck, I’ll be a Communications major!! I heard it was easy and this “B” student in HS… lets just say with school… #thestrugglewasreal smh

4 years out of College and 8 years out from making the dreaded “Major” selection… I wish I would’ve read what I’m about to tell you first!

Here’s what you need to know:

Unless you’re going to be a Doctor, Lawyer, and/or something specific that you need special credentials/classes for than your major matters. And IF you’re one of those people you probably aren’t reading this because you’re at some crazy summer internship finding the cure for cancer already haha 🙂 Go get em’ tiger!! However… the majority of us are like… “Dude, Freddie I just graduated HS! I can’t wait for Freshmen Orientation to meet all the those College girls!!”

Alright alright… so picking a major is a lot like how you picked your Prom date… You go up to the coolest girl in school and your like… “Baby, if you love me smile?!”

It doesn’t matter what you pick! I remember the rumors. Don’t be a history major, there’s no money in that. You can’t do anything with a history major except be one of those old wrinkly professors that lives under a rock! The reality is… for most it doesn’t matter what your major it’s more about the experience. College is about learning time management, how not to set off the fire alarm when you’re boiling only noodles (true story, I did that), and the people you meet (College is all about the people!). Plus, here’s the reality… You may graduate and never use your major (nobody has ever done that psssh!).

If I would’ve done it over, I would’ve majored in Comedy with an emphasis in Stand-Up (it’s true they have it). Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my Comm. major but it was more for the people I met in the classes. SALES. SALES. SALES. Life, business, and whatever you do after College you will need a major in selling. In one form or another, in the real world after school you will be selling yourself or selling a product/service.

My school didn’t have a Comedy major so to be honest I probably would’ve been a Art History major. Why? Because it’s the cool prom date! How sick would it be to start SELLING to someone and you start shooting the breeze about some crazy art stuff haha.

So don’t stress, pick a major like a card out of the deck blindfolded. Pick one that has the cutest girls in it (yoga major anyone!?), the one that sounds the coolest, or the easiest one (definitely not Communications psssh!). Some say, “It’s just an expensive piece of paper.” A degree is memories, experiences, and most importantly an opportunity to continue learning. That’s right… once you graduate HS then College you’re certified in picking a new major each year… so pick the coolest one!


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