… I hope you dance!

You’re in the middle of a crowded sushi restaurant having a stimulating conversation with someone you’re just getting to know and your song comes on, what do you do? 


Last night, I was at Mikuni’s sushi downtown with the coolest cat in Sacramento! We’d been going back and forth for hours about who we used to be, where we’re going, and the current books we’re embarking upon. Our Marilyn Monroll’s had just been freshly prepared by Robbie our personal sushi chef and presented in front of us.

We’d already devoured our edamame and my “new friend” was already making fun of my eating tactics. (Side note sushi lovers… I engulf them whole, skins and all! It’s more nutritious right?!)

Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” started to jam in what felt like a asian disco-tech with the speakers bumping wall to wall! Suddenly, mid-conversation I became America’s Next Top lip sync talent. Both hands caressed beneath my new found moneymaker, I was busting it out like The Fever had nothing on this!

Now my new talent agent, asked our sushi chef Robbie if he had a comb for me to practice. In silence, he tilted his chin up and simultaneously glared above at his shiny bald dome and laughed.

Then it happened!! Lee Ann Womack’s, “I Hope You Dance” played next. Since my singing skills were about as good as PSY’s, I embraced my embarrassing two left feet, tugged my friends arm and said, “Let’s dance!” 

Fight-or-flight kicked in high gear for her. I could see in her eyes the hesitation… the “what will people think of me” with this crazy extrovert lunatic. Hmm… will they judge me?? 

Didn’t take much encouragement… I said, “Who cares! I don’t, we’re in this together!” And boy oh boy… how much fun did we have!? haha 🙂

Couples, high school girls with their mom’s, and bromances around the bar all of the sudden were staring at us. I told her now’s your time to shine. I spun her out into a swing and twirl. The stage was all hers and she rocked it!! Chuckles, laughs, hehe’s and haha’s it was so much fun!

Life is way too short not to live in the moment and maximize every day and every breath. A simple head nod, smile, hello or warm embrace to the person in front of you. Seize the day! More importantly, seize this moment and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance… I hope you dance!

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