Pain, hardship and homeless. When Freddie was 9, his family was hit by a drunk driver. For the next 17 years, his mom lived bed-ridden in chronic pain and nearly paralyzed. Freddie, an only child, he became a care-giver for his pain stricken mom. In and out of hospitals, doctors offices, surgeries, ambulances and then cancer. In 2017, his mom passed away from cancer after a long fight. She had thee most loving and positive spirit which Freddie believes lives in him. On top of everything, his dad began to struggle keeping his business up through it all and in 2008 Freddie’s family lost everything and went as far as homeless. Freddie has been a care-giver for his family and experienced immense amounts of struggle and hardship but has always had a positive spirit and love for life. 

What many people don’t know… Freddie got into benefit auctioneering by accident from his passion for making a difference with youth. For the last seven years, Freddie Silveria has spoken with over 100,000 students across the world about leadership, character & kindness. Notable speaking engagements include: India, Honduras, Mexico City, Canada, Harvard Medical School, Georgetown University, UC Berkeley & more. 

Freddie grew up in Sacramento and graduated from Saint Mary’s College in the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys playing basketball, hiking & a total foodie!