Why I do what I do? My mom lived bed-ridden in chronic pain for 17 years. She passed away ultimately from cancer about three years ago. Being a care-giver for her most of my life has been the catalyst for my career path. However, I never intended to be a benefit auctioneer. I began speaking with youth and adults seven years ago. Since, I’ve spoken with over 100,000 students and professionals about leadership at Harvard, Georgetown and Oracle Headquarters to name a few.

I present a school culture program called Breaking Down the Walls in middle and high schools across US and Canada. The motto of the work is “it’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.” I help to build empathy and leaders. I also facilitate leadership workshops for teenagers at the National Student Leadership Conference.

I’m passionate about health, education and making a difference. I love what I do and the most common things donors come up to me saying after a benefit auction is “you are so genuine and fun!”