Being homeless, a caregiver, & losing his mother to cancer… You wouldn’t know it when you are around Freddie. His positive spirit & full of life attitude touch all those he meets. But his past is the fuel for why he’s work is singularly focused on helping others. When Freddie was nine years old, his family was hit in a car accident by a drunk driver. For the next 17 years, his mother was disabled and bed-ridden in chronic pain with 8 herniated disks and pulmonary embolisms. At nine, this only child became a caregiver for his mother. In 2009, she developed colon cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (appendix cancer).

Simultaneously, the medical bills, stress/anxiety, and the 2008 financial crash led his family to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and being homeless. October 2009, she was rushed down to a surgeon in San Diego and was cut open from her chest to her pelvis to remove a cancer that bursts. November 2009, the Myers family brought over a Thanksgiving turkey and gift basket because their family was struggling to simply put food on the table amongst everything. For the next 7 years, his mother continued to fight everyday to see her only child become the man he is today. In 2017, Freddie’s mother Gena passed away. Today, Freddie has dedicated his life’s work to helping others with the talents God has given him. 

Today, Freddie Silveria Auctions has helped fundraise over a million dollars for cancer patients, children with diabetes, wounded veterans, homeless families, and many children in school. He’s also spoken with over 100,000 professionals and youth about leadership across North America. He is a presenter for international school culture program Breaking Down the Walls and the National Student Leadership Conference at Harvard University.