Freddie was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Growing up, he was involved in 4-H, FFA, theater and sports. When he was 9 he wanted to be an actor one day like Brad Pitt. But when he was 10, God had a different plan for him. December 20, 1997 his family was in a serious car accident due to a drunk driver that left his mom bed-ridden in chronic pain for the next 17 years. Freddie grew up an only child and care giving for his mom with his dad would begin to shape his life of service for others. His mom (Gena) lived in bed everyday in pain but she had the most positive spirit through it all which shaped his presence and heart on stage. In addition, medical bills and the combination of the 2008 financial crisis his family lost everything and went as far as homeless for 3 months. His mom’s health and the stress of finances deepened his concern for the sick and poor. His mom passed away from cancer and her positive loving spirit lives in his impact with others. 

Freddie graduated from Saint Mary’s College (CA) and earned a job in sales for PepsiCo. PepsiCo was a great experience but Freddie had been shaped his whole life for a career that had meaning, fulfillment and most important impact. His whole life had been devoted to care giving, helping others and God and he desired more from his career. That’s when he approached a mentor, Phil Boyte. A few months later, Freddie began presenting Breaking Down the Walls school culture workshops in middle and high schools across the country. For nearly a decade, Freddie has spoken with 100+ schools and presented a day long workshop with hundreds of students daily. Freddie creates a safe environment for students to connect, meet new people and talk to one another. Students have said they’re Breaking Down the Walls experience was life changing and that was the kind of impact Freddie had always desired to make in this world. In addition, Freddie is also a speaker for the National Student Leadership Conference where he works intensely with hundreds more of high school students on building their leadership and communication skills.

In addition, Freddie began volunteering in the Sacramento Region for nonprofits and charity organizations. Many nonprofits had major fundraising galas that Freddie would volunteer with. And then one day it clicked, benefit auctioneering to support the good work he had been volunteering with. He hosted his first benefit auction and it was love at first sight! Fun, passion and making a difference! Freddie has been a professional fundraising event strategist and auctioneer for 6+ years and has navigated Covid by going virtual and hybrid. He is very passionate about what he does and is extremely grateful to live a life dedicated to making a difference and helping others. 

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