Freddie is positive, fun-loving & incredibly caring. His mission is to make a difference with the talents God has given him because he values time, health, & fulfillment. Since Freddie was young, he’s been performing theatre and leading organizations. Ironically, he never intended to be an auctioneer however when the opportunity presented itself to him he immediately saw the connect with his vision.

In 2014, Freddie began his career as a professional speaker with the intention to make a difference with our future generations. Since, Freddie has spoken with 250+ engagements with over 100,000 youth & professionals across US & Canada. He’s presented the Breaking Down the Walls program with middle and high school students and facilitated leadership sessions with teenagers at the National Student Leadership Conference. Notable engagements include: Oracle HQ, Harvard University, & Georgetown University. 

In 2016, while volunteering with local nonprofits in his hometown of Sacramento he volunteered to conduct a Benefit Auction for Francis House & Goodwill of Sacramento. Immediately, he felt a similar level of impact and fulfillment that he had with his speaking career. He then went to auctioneering school at Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. Since, he’s partnered with over 100 nonprofits, charity organizations, and schools across California from San Diego to San Francisco. He’s successfully fundraised millions of dollars and helped coach multiple clients on successful fundraising strategies beyond the auction.


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