Mind, Body, & Words

Did you know, most people use the same 200 words every day? We are a habitual species. Our minds run on autopilot based on how we were trained and conditioned at a young age to communicate. So here’s the big question, if everything from school to business to relationships is based on communication, wouldn’t we want to think about our choice of diction?


Cody Gibson, motivational speaker & real estate professional, once said, “Business is 90% mindset & 10% skill. How/What you think about throughout the day dictates the words you use.” The mind is programmed, thoughts percolate, feelings erupt, communicative actions happen, and results follow. Money meets us at our level of thought. Our level of achievement is where we are today based on how are mind is programmed to process and communicate. Communication is 55% body language, 38% tonality and 7% words. Our mindset controls 100% of that!


Think different today. Understand our thoughts and feelings effect our words. The words we use result in the conversations we have. People grow in the conversations we hold around them.


For example, Valentines is coming up. Immediately… what was your internal thought or feeling there? Maybe you thought… “Oh great… Singles Awareness Day. Ugh!” That thought process in the mind carries over into your verbal and non-verbal communication that Valentines sucks and I will be all alone once again watching “The Notebook” on my couch with me, myself, and I. However, if you condition your mind to think positively in the most negative of scenarios you’ll be surprised what cupid’s arrow and the law of attraction will bring your way!


The power of our words begins with our mindset. I challenge you to go on a mental diet for two weeks. No complaining, stay positive, and let cupid’s arrow find its way.

Thoughts after a Cody Gibson, BOLD seminar!

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