What’s holding you back from reaching your dreams?

Life? Doubt? Naysayers? Rejection? Or the thought that you might actually succeed? Whatever the reason may be, tackle it head on… NOW! Our time is too short to live on “what if’s” or “maybe tomorrow.” Most dreams are rooted in happiness or love and those are not things to put on hold.

The reality is… Life happens. If you don’t take control, life will take control for you. For example, I graduated college in 2011 with a great resume and opportunity knocking at every which door. I moved back home because I had no clarity on what kind of work I wanted to do. Also, my parents were going through a tough time and I figured it would be best for me to be there for them. That first year after graduating… life happened and I had no control over it. I ran around with my head chopped off doing odd jobs, not knowing where to direct my attention or degree. I went into construction work, waiting tables, day care services, and advertising. Needless to say, I was freaking lost!

After a year of “blah,” or more technically speaking… a year of discovery and humility, I finally reached out to family and friends and got a sales job with PepsiCo in Sacramento. It was a good job but selling sugar water was never fulfilling for me. However, I stuck it out for two and half years because I cared and loved for the people I worked with.

I recently was at a seminar and heard the Keynote speaker say, “Life is formed through a few defining moments.” That defining moment came at a Panera restaurant in Rocklin one Sunday afternoon. I made a decision to leave a very good job, a job I was really good at… for… passion. More importantly, life on my own terms! The lesson here was you have to constantly be ready and vigilant for those defining moments that enter your life. If your not, that doubt/rejection/or lack of self-confidence will hinder you from finding that happiness or love you desire.

So often, I talk with students who share things that are on their “bucket list.” Many say money or age is holding them back from reaching their dreams.

Yes, money held me back from going to my first choice college. However, with determination, the right mind set, and a great circle of family/friends surrounding me I was able to get over 75% of my college expenses paid for through scholarships & federal funding.

Yes, age can restrict you from very few things; moreover, the few limitations are normally for your benefit such as: buying drugs, alcohol consumption, or driving. However, minors can own real estate in the state of CA. Minors can travel the globe and 14 is the minimum requirement to work at McDonalds!

What’s on your bucket list? What holds you back from reaching your dreams? Are you seeking love or happiness? Contact me… NOW! I can help.

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