We’ve all been there. Uncomfortable or lost about an upcoming life transition like graduating high school or making a career change. You’re excited, nervous, and scared simultaneously. The unknown is the fear and happiness is the pursuit. But HOW do we transition?

I get asked this question all the time. Last night, I was meeting with a great gal who has a great job; yet isn’t happy and feels she is doing work that isn’t fulfilling enough for her. The first question I asked her was, “What do you value?” Next, “What makes you cry?” Finally, “Are you READY to make a change?” Maybe you or someone you know right now is at this intersection in their life; it’s not easy, I’ve been there.

The People- After a few questions for each other, we progressed into the HOW she was going to take on this transition. First, who are the people in your life? Are you surrounded around people that will help bring the best out of you? You’ve heard the metaphor “You are what you eat!” Well it’s true here, “You are who you surround yourself with!”

The Mind Set- I met with a fantastic Success Coach this morning that stressed the power of visualization. What do you spend time thinking about? Are they thoughts of negativity, regret, jealousy, or getting out of debt? She expressed the law of attraction. She advised me, “Write feelings of gratitude each day, for something that you don’t have yet so that it sends a message to the Universe that you are ready to receive it.” For example, if you think about getting out of debt all the time, you will just get into more debt. Therefore, I wrote down, “I love the new house I live in (however I really don’t live in it YET!). She ( points out the importance of the mind set in her published article titled, “Are You Thinking Your Way to Success?” A great quick read.

The Approach- Once the people and your mind set is ready for your transition, the real work can begin towards moving forward. Daily we must give our all towards self-improvement including: meditation, prayer, physical exercise, reading, and exposing ourselves to different experiences. In order to make a change, we have to get uncomfortable. Once we are faced and feel discomfort, that’s when we’re close to a better tomorrow.

It’s like weight lifting. You don’t see gains until your muscle feels discomfort. You can keep lifting the same weights each day but until you feel growth physically and mentally the strength won’t come.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” -Tony Robbins

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