Show Me

Great leaders inspire, energize, and influence other people. Being that leader, you have to live it when you’re “on” and “off.” We’ve all heard how we can be the “best-version-of-ourselves” and we all know what to do. But what is going to move us to action. Matthew Kelly writes, “People want to get behind someone who walks the walk.” My hope today is to give you the kickstart to begin towards being the change you want to see in the world.

Last night, it was about 10pm and bone chilling cold in downtown Sacramento. I was sitting in my car checking my iPhone as I was about to drive home “hands free.” Dressed in a suit and tie with my heater on to warm me up a bit, I noticed someone leaning over outside looking into my car. A lady was trying to get my attention, she slowly came up to my car. She was rubbing a ziplock bag that appeared to have crumbled cheese-its in it. I cracked my window slightly and looked around weary of my surroundings. She said, “I’m embarrassed to ask, I’m sorry. I’m a single mom with two kids and no food. Do you have change to spare?”

Thoughts ran through my mind a mile a minute. I’ll admit… I thought for a second maybe this is someone who doesn’t need this. A scam, maybe. But that thought instantly disappeared when I thought of last weeks reading from Church, “When I was hungry you gave me food. When I was sick you cared for me. When I was homeless you shelter me.”

I’m going to leave the end of this story between that lady and I last night. But know, there was a time when I was hungry and someone fed me. My grandma was on her death bed and I prayed the rosary along side with her. I was homeless and someone sheltered me.

Being a servant leader is not easy, it requires being constantly tested. But from mentors and books I’ve read, people have said their tired of the talking and they want to see the walking. Over 2000 years ago, we had someone SHOW us how to be a leader and now more than ever we are itching and clawing for someone to SHOW us AGAIN!

My sincere intention is not for this to be about me but about YOU! For you, to look at yourself in the spirit of this Christmas season and take 1 minute now to give someone your time, talent or treasure.

Ya Freddie, I hear you but I’m not in a place to give $ to that lady. Great. Let’s proceed.

Last Saturday, one of the non-profits I’m in, the Active 20-30 of Sacramento, we went and gave gifts and holiday cheer to kids that have cancer in the UCD hospital. Afterwards, we had food for 200 people leftover. Remember when I said a leader is always “on.” Always. Instantly, I got on the phone trying to find a homeless shelter that needed the food. I found a place and on behalf of our Active 20-30 we fed many people in need on A st. in Sacramento. I delivered the food and went down a street I had never been down, people scattered everywhere walking around the dirty street. Honestly, I was a little scared for my life but I’m sure there was a guy 2000 years ago that was scared for His.

Be someone who gives more, is more, does more for the person you cross on the sidewalk. Even for myself, I’m guilty of judging people but I don’t know what that lady was going through last night. Does it matter? I was face-to-face with Him.

Blessings to you for good health and happiness. Blessings to you to be the “best-version-of-you.” Merry Christmas.

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