Lately, I’ve felt God close to me. It’s been a remarkable feeling because stuff will happen and I have to practically pinch myself. I’ve felt a divine connection with the spirit guiding me {somewhere}.

Last week, I connected with a new friend over lunch. Let me back track, how we ended up at lunch was practically a fluke story. We briefly met at a committee meeting, exchanged cards, and mutually thought “heck what could lunch hurt?!” One thing leads to another, lunch happens, and we become friends. Just as our lunch meeting was coming to a close my phone was ringing, I apologized to her saying, “I should probably take this call, can we continue this convo later.” – of course!

I take the call. It was a new business opportunity. The call was mutually friendly and I had no real expectations. The next day I met with them in person and that “nbd phone call” turned into a whole new chapter in my story.

A few days later, I’m at a networking event and I run into this gentleman Raymond who I just seemed to keep crossing paths with. The next morning he was at the same morning meeting I was at and I was like… “Dude, Raymond! Let’s do coffee?! We run in the same circles.”

Meet with Raymond. I had no idea we’d truly hit it off so well. Like minds, values, & character. It’s funny how true it is… “It’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.”

The kicker. I’m driving down to LA today from Sacramento, CA. It’s almost 2pm and I needed to stop and finish some emails. So like always, I looked for the nearest Starbucks (reliable wifi). I stopped at this Starbucks in the middle of nowhere near Los Banos (about 2 1/2 hours South of Sac). There are three little old ladies and a few afternoon baristas and I. All of the sudden, Jennifer, the “new friend” I met last week in Sacramento walks through the front door followed by her grandma. Luck, chance, and/or spiritual connection would have it that we shockingly embraced with a big hug!

Both of us in shock, we mutually uttered “this is meant to be! How did this happen?! Lol.”

Now, I lay here in my hotel exhausted sharing a room with a Priest. As I’m about to embark on a weekend with 40,000 people in LA for LA Congress (huge Religious Education Conference).

We attract the thoughts we have. For the past few years, I’ve been jotting notes down about this future book I’m going to write and God and His ways has brought me here this weekend to bring this message to frutrition.

The books rough title for now is “Modern Discipleship.” It’s intended to connect the teachings from the Bible 2000 years ago to stories of today. I believe He has given me gifts to connect and relate with people from all walks of life. It’s my goal to inspire hope in people that being good is okay and that loving yourself and those you come in contact daily is the purpose for breathing.

♥️ Freddie

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