Speak Love

I heard a jaw dropping story last night. It went something like this… Fr. Cromly was visiting an abortion counseling center. It was a place where women counseled other women who had just had an abortion. After sometime with the counselors, Fr. Cromly started to learn that the women doing the counseling were women that had an abortion themselves in their past. Curious, he asked, “Why do you do what you do?” The women responded, “Never tell a person God loves them unless you do. We found love and forgiveness and we want these women to know God is a merciful God.”

Our culture needs a candle in a dark valley more now than ever! We’re starving and parched for the Gospel and people that speak love.

What does speaking love look like? Friendship. Speaking love is smiling and accepting others around you right now. Like the Abortion Counselors, “Never tell a person God loves them unless you do.” More importantly, speaking love is listening to understand and speaking the Truth of God. He is compassionate, forgiving, and always ready to give us a fresh start.

How do you speak love? First, its important to recognize how not to. We shouldn’t speak what not to do and the negativity embodied in that. Picture a big scary grandma shaking her head side to side and flicking her wrist back and forth with her pointer finger aggressively directed towards you. On the contrary, speaking love is meeting someone where they are physically and emotionally. For example, imagine its lunch time on a high school campus. You are sitting with your friends and across the long table you see a boy sitting all by himself. Speak love by having your group of friends pick up their things and go sit with the boy. Many times we’ll shout across the table and say, “Hey you! Come sit with us?” That may work sometimes but its much more effective if we go to them where they’re (physically and emotionally).


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