Why Hire a Professional Benefit Auctioneer?

Over the weekend, FSA Auctions increased a partners annual school auction by $50,000 which was a 100% improvement over prior years fundraising event. Months prior, FSA Auctions had a meeting with the client where FSA asked a series of questions and listened to understand holes and pain points. FSA learned they were struggling with auction item procurement and provided tips for how to create a positive guest experience (including saving 30 minutes in the run of show with ways to improve the buffet line). Here are the monetary results:

FSA Auctions provided two live auction items through partnerships that brought in $16,400.

FSA Auctions brought in $4,000 through a fundraising game for a package that used to bring in $500 in the silent auction.

FSA Auctions brought in $3,000 for an auction item that used to bring in $375. The client sold opportunities for your childs name on school street signs for the year for $75 in the past. FSA Auctions put them in the live auction and got $500 for each.

FSA Auctions created two fun warm up live auction items that brought in $1,150.

Thats a total of $24,550 just with live auction and a fundraising game! That doesn’t even begin with ways FSA Auctions improved the Paddle Raise!

Why hire a professional benefit auctioneer? freddie@FSAauctions.com

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