Games Our Grandparents Play

A friend today shared how her grandparents play this game every morning. They walk in their neighborhood around the block a few times. They play a game where they see who can get the most “hello’s” back. They’ve been playing it for years.

Grandma always seems to win but this time would be different. Grandpa was out for that catch of a lifetime. He had been reeling in this fish for over a year. This was the big one!

Tuesday morning about 8:30am Grandma and Grandpa were out waving, smiling, and saying hello to the paserbys. Grandma scored a 3 pointer with a smile, wave, & hello reciprocated. Grandpa just didn’t have the juice. He smiled, said hello, waved and would get a head knod. Maybe a wave. After 2 years, Grandma was like the Warriors. Wet from downtown! Grandpa was only shooting free throws and shot like Shaq. 

Grandpa was playing to win though. Today was his chance. He felt like Rudy! He had been riding the bench all four years as a redshirt and it was the last game of the season. Coach called him up. Here he goes!

For 2 years, he  smiled and waved at this old couple who drove by each morning like clock work. Never would he get anything. But this morning was different. The old man driving the old Buick slowly flicked his wrist up off the steering wheel. Grandpa poked Grandma and said, “Did you see that?!” He said it with so much excitement it was as if he was a new parent who just heard the words “da-da!” Grandma chuckled and sighed as she looped her arm in his. 

The next morning, Grandpa waved and smiled at the same couple he had been reeling in for years with kindness. This time the couple both smiled and waved back! Grandpa looked as if he had just seen Mickey for the first time at Disneyland!! 

Grandma smiled and said, “You win today Gramps.” 

How can you incorporate the collect “hello'” game in your life? Imagine how we could make a huge impact on our culture if we all smiled, waved, and said “Hello” to five people everyday. 

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