Wednesday; Not Your Average Hump Day

A day with every emotion. Highs and lows and everything in between. Recently, it’s felt as if every day I’m expanding further out of my comfort zone. Monday, I had a very challenging day of Breaking Down the Walls for many reasons. The feeling I walked away with is that I sometimes can be way too hard on myself. Tuesday, was the first time I’d ever spoke tandem with the amazing Rochelle Whellams and we guided a very cool day. Today, I had a debrief meeting with Whitney High School and heard some very positive feedback from an assembly talk I gave there last week. The students aren’t talking about the talk but are actually putting my words “who will you be” into action! Then, I had a shoot with Studio City where I played the part of a TV reporter for a national web series. It turned into a hour long conversation with the owner that was nothing short of interesting. Next, was my 3pm meeting with a wonderful woman my mentor connected me with. I found out some wonderful news from her along the lines of completing my first book! 

Then, I got hungry! I grabbed a quick lunch at Chilies and all of the sudden this man walked in. By the looks, I was slightly frightened. He looked like a cross of the “why so serious” joker and a mummy Halloween costume. This mans left side of his body was beat up pretty bad. He had bandages all over his face and parts of his face were literally falling off. He was carrying a can of planters peanuts. He placed the can on the bar counter. Without a flinch, he walked through the restaurant. Dropped the can of coins on the bar and found a table in the back where SportsCenter was playing. This man couldn’t talk but the only words I could understand were mumbles. This man’s presence didn’t even phase the bartender. The bartender said, “Tyler, another beer?” Tyler said, “mmm.” In that moment, I honestly didn’t know what to do or think. Here I was at first slightly uneasy. Then, I quickly realized this man (homeless I don’t know, not for me to judge) was begging for money. He obviously was a regular at this establishment. This man truly looked scary. He looked so bad, “the thought crossed my mind to buy the man an adult beverage.” It was in that moment, I witnessed the first time in my life the common phrase so many of us hear, “oh that person with the cardboard sign is just going to go buy beer with it.” So many feelings ran through my head. Scared. Wanting to help. Frustration. Everything in between. 

This day keeps on going like a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. Hence, I went to a new gym in a tough part of town. It was borderline “hood.” Took a basketball, shot around for a bit. 20 minutes later I played ball with some legit hoopers. Guys were banging down low. It was getting physical and I hadn’t played in a few weeks. I for sure wasn’t in tip top shape. I was making mistakes on defense and my teammate was calling me out. Figure it out man! Come on man! After the first game, I pulled it together but it was intense. As I sat in the locker room after what felt like the Battle of Troy… I began to cry out of no where. I had cried many times at home and the cemetery. A few times in the car since my mom passed. But this time was different… I was sitting in the locker room, exhausted, beat, and hungry… and I began to cry at the thought of new beginnings without her. 

Throughout the entire day, I felt nearly every emotion and as I’m about to go to sleep. I pray and thank God for letting me experience life so fully today. A beautiful day, a beautiful life, everyday a memory. 

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