Hearts Collide – Big Sur

We don’t know what we don’t know. We are our own limitations. Like poker, imagine a life where we lived on full tilt. We were all-in! A mentality of “who cares” meets “just do it;” it may not turn out great but you did something. By doing that something, when we consistently take action we find what we’re looking for. This morning I was looking to feel alive!

6:30am I woke up in a beautiful house 50 feet from the sand on the beach and about 250 feet from the Pacific Ocean. My best friend Lindsey Verber is getting married to a very good man in Tim David this evening. I knew I’d have a few hours to myself this morning as everyone in the house woke up and started getting ready for the big day. So I figured I’d check something off the want-to-list.

7:30am I arrived here.

I sat on this cliff about 5 football fields straight up from the Pacific Ocean. Alone (well with the sounds of sea otters and a fishermen boat), I was into the deep! This moment in time was precious. Have you ever felt something in the moment and in that instance you thought to yourself I’m going to cherish this? This morning was about just showing up and taking action. I’ve lived in this beautiful state of California forever and been all around but never had I been to Big Sur. This morning I woke up and said to myself, I’m doing it. So I ran into the bathroom, got a hand towel and soaked it under the cold water. Threw it against my face, brushed my teeth, and hit the road. It’s simple, just do it! Life is about action. If we just sit there watching other people do things on Insta, Twit, Snap… It’s like I want to be there, so go! As Tony Robbins says, “A body in motion creates emotion.” Life is about feelings. Feelings make us human. They can hold us back or push us forward into the unknown. It’s up to us to decide what we want. If you don’t know what you want, follow the fun and pursue what makes you uncomfortable! Many times what is uncomfortable is where the magic happens! For example, I remember sitting in a meeting 6 months ago where a non-profit board I was sitting on was looking for an auctioneer. I said, “heck, I’ll do it!” It was a nervous, scary thing, but by golly I felt alive. Rocked it and it turned into this brand new fun thing I’m doing!

When you were a little kid, who were you? What did you do? How and why did you do it? I feel we can learn so much from children. When we were kids we were curious. I was talking with my friend Anne Descalso yesterday. She talked about how funny it was how her newborn Owen would be out with her and look up. He’d tell his mommy as he pointed to the sky, “Look Mommy, clouds!” We get older and lose touch with that curiosity. I know I have at times but this morning I had the intention to follow my curiosities. For example, I was driving back from Big Sur to our house and saw about 8 cars randomly parked on the side of the cliff. I pulled over and no one was in sight. I walked around looking for these strangers… as I looked over the cliff I saw 10 surfboards riding some gnarly waves. A very cool site! Be curious and ask why! It’s a mindset and a daily practice.

If you don’t know what you don’t want, than have the intention to be curious today. In life, it’s about just showing up! What’s ironic, most people won’t just do that. Be there, show up. People will remember you did because people remember how you made them feel.

The final two thoughts from this morning are our attitudes and how our attitudes effect on the world. So we’re curious and intentional, great! Now what? If we approached the day with a smile, positivity, and thankfulness imagine how that would prime us for our daily interactions with others. I sat on that cliff this morning grateful for 3 things: my car for getting me there, my health for allowing me to be there, and God for giving me the opportunity. Living a life with an attitude of gratitude is the key to the final piece here that ties everything together.

Others. So we live this life thing right? You are intentional, curious, and thankful. You are ready, but ready for what? Love and connection. We are innately born with a desire to love and want to be loved. When YOU are ready; YOU meets OTHERS! Life is about the people we interact with and give of our time to. We can go out and see these beautiful things (like Big Sur) and these places/things are great. They refresh us, nourish our wants, but at the end of the day it’s you and me. We are His gifts to each other. Family, friends, and strangers. Give of your love (a smile, hello, text, or hug) to others today!

With that, I’m signing off and spending the rest of the day with my good friends and celebrating OTHERS. Today… two hearts collide and become one! Love, prayers, and blessings to Lindsay and Tim David. Blessings to others starts with loving yourself!

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