You Become Who You Associate With

Listening to Mark Victor Hansen (co-founder “Chicken Soup for the Soul”) this morning, he elaborated on this title and inspired me to share. If you want change surround yourself with the people you want to emulate. Most importantly, the pathway to success is with others. With mentors, a dream team, and your circle of 150.

In the audiobook (given to me by one of my mentors), Mark talks about a time when he asked Tony Robbins what he was doing different than him? Tony responded with a question, “Tell me about your dream team?” Mark mentioned a few things and than said, “Well they all take home about a million a year.” Tony said, “That’s it!” Mark replied, “What do you mean?” Tony stated, “Mine run around 100 million.” This is a quantifiable example but it’s not all about money. It’s about being in proximity and frequently coming into contact with people who you want to emulate. Things I like to emulate are people who think different, read (a lot!), and have goodwill values. Remember: You should never be the smartest person in the room. Position yourself for your best self to shine!

Another example is my uncle. Here’s a man that didn’t start with many resources but found his way by associating with people. Proximity and frequency again are the ways how we associate with those we want to become. He lived in LA and frequently put himself in position to be around top professional athletes. Now he lives in Miami/LA and continually is in the proximity of professional athletes. (Pictured below with NFL Pro Linebacker Lance Briggs).

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 10.59.17 AM.png

Personally, I focus my efforts to be around people of high moral values that are doing the most good for their communities. Character, intelligence, and faith are three qualities I look for because those are the three qualities I continually look to enhance within myself. Thus, why I gravitated to Mark.s audiobook than the others in the collection of influencers.

How much luck is involved? None. It’s about being in the right place at the right time and that goes back to creating your desired outcome. When we put ourselves in the right environment, we reap what we sow. People say, “Yeah, what about the privileged kids?” You’re right, some people are born into environments where their circle of friends have mom’s and dad’s who are CEO’s of this and that. True, the only difference between them and myself is where I start from. However, anyone can reach the level of accomplishment they want with written goals, belief, and surrounding themselves around people they want to become.

The action I want you to take today is if you are around negative influences (i.e.- people, music, distractions) change! In high school, I transferred to a school where I didn’t know anyone so I hung out with the Sophomores my Freshmen year. They were the “leadership kids” and the “FFA agriculture crew.” Most of my friends, have always been older, smarter and faster than I. That’s how we grow and learn. After you’ve washed out the trouble and negative influences in your lives turn to your support system of others for guidance and a hand up.

Action: find a mentor that you trust. And than, find 2 more! Action: assemble a small dream team. A small group of people that will give you honest and sincere praise and feedback. Action: nourish your circle of 150. Many psychologists have stated, “As humans we can’t process more that 150 friends at one time.” Nourish and thank your circle of 150 strong supporters often.

Benefit: Become Who You Associate With.


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