“Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

Ignite your inner enthusiasm, energy, and rad self… NOW! Quick 3 step plan to lighting the match, throwing it to the fire, and rocking it! Feeling down and coffee isn’t doing it for you? Confidence isn’t at it’s peak and you can’t close that deal or talk to that cute gal across the room? Let’s go!!!

Music + movement = engage your senses, now! Tony Robbins talks about moving and how a body in motion creates emotion! He talks about how we must stand tall and make ourselves big like a bear. If that’s for you, do that! But here’s a simple and fun way to get the juice flowing! Turn the radio, pandora, spotify, or put a song on you kind of know. Turn it way up because you’re about to turn up! This morning on my way to a meeting, I turned my audio book off and turned the radio on with intention. My intent was to stimulate dopamine! “Can’t Stop the Feeling” came on and I was instantly the best JT you’ve ever heard! I was by myself in my car, the chorus hit and I sang those lyrics I barely knew as loud as I could! Ignite your inner Beyonce, Shania, or Bieber! Sing that song like no one is watching. Rock it with a smile and laugh with yourself at how funky you look! The body, head, brain, smile, and emotions are lit! You’ve struck the sandpaper and the match is hot!

Text + encouragement = self-appreciation. Now, text a good friend or someone who you know always brings you up. Heck, if you can’t find someone text me!! I’m always there to give a quick text. Maybe you have your girls, your boy, homie, whoever it is, text them how much they mean to you or text them something that builds them up! People love to reciprocate goodness. Bring the best out in others and it brings the best out in yourself!

Deep breath + oxygen to the brain = stress reduction. It’s all good just breathe. Have you ever taken an obnoxious deep breathe as a kid? A teacher will tell you to take a slow and big great. The class clown next to you breathe’s as loud as they can so everyone can hear and see them doing it. Be that weird kid! Breathe loud, deep, and fill your thoughts in your dome with clean and refreshing air!

Whoop there it is! Light it up! Sing, text, breathe! Opps… it just worked! I flirted with the cute barista and just saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in 8 years! It’s going to be a good day! Let’s gooooo!!! The law of attraction is a powerful thing. The positive juices flowing attract the positive you want and desire. Enough is enough. Commit to no more bad days, life is good! You got this, we got this!


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