The Little Red Head

I didn’t catch the little girls name but she made a big impact on me this morning.

I walked into church with my dad this morning and there was an open spot on the end of a pew next to a family of four. The husband on the far end of the pew, the son in between dad and mom. And than there was this sweet little girl that stood as tall as my hip.

She was the sweetest little thing during mass. Her attention faded in and out from the celebration. I thought for sure she might get scared sitting next to a tall stranger man in myself next to her. She must’ve been about four. But her natural red hair and beautiful white teeth shined through her smile. She was adorable!

This little girl made a huge impact on me because about 75% through mass we began to pray the “Our Father.” I held the hand of my father to my left and extended my right palm out. I always try to extend my hand to the person to my side that I don’t know. I always try to give some non-verbal cues that I don’t bite and I’m friendly. I try to make eye contact and make it seem comfortable that they can hold a strangers hand during the most uniting community prayer.

This little red head girl whose head was at my hip level saw me extend my palm and she looked at it. She then held her mom’s hand. Looked at my palm again, then looked at her mom. Then the third time she put her soft, sweet, small little fingers and hand in my hand. We prayed the “Our Father” together.

Her curiosity, innocence and genuine heart reminded me of all that is good in this world. It reminded me that we are all born good. Born in the image and likeness of God. Her heart was so pure and her touch was as if I was holding hands with a Saint or Angel.

In this moment, let us remember our earliest years. Let us remember the holy presence of God in our lives. Let us all see the goodness in others. If at all, let us achknowledge the lives that surround us.

May you and I be more like the red head girl. May we extend our palms and love our neighbors. Love those strangers.

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