I saw a friend once wear a shirt that said, “Kill your TV.” 10 years later, I get it. Tonight, I get it!

Watching a movie tonight with my dad, trying to just sit back & relax.

I rarely watch TV, mostly for sports events or educational television (rare). Mind you, one of my goals is to be a host on television. For the sole reason, to positively impact people’s lives for good.

Tonight we were watching a movie. A drama with Ben Afflec. The movie kept us intrigued and the very end Ben’s wife gets shot. Frankly, I don’t know if she dies or not. Be it, I don’t know how the movie ended because I turned it off.

It’s funny, how some things in are lives change so quickly. Once my mom passed, I practically went cold turkey from radio in the car while driving. Head phones no more when I’m at the gym. Now TV, we’re done. Sure, I’ll catch March Madness and a few things if I have time but it’s not a priority.

Life is about being intentional with time and focused with our energy. More importantly, life is about letting God in.

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