I’ve known Mike for 10 years. I used to play basketball with him and his son John at the gym. Today, I ran into Mike at a different gym across town. He came into the sauna and we embraced in hellos and how are you’s! The conversation turned to how his son John was and his non verbals changed.

Mike mentioned John got married at age 21. I said, “that’s awesome. Congratulations!” Mike didn’t say much but his body language told the story. I asked, “how’s he been?” Dad replied, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

Mike stumbled on his words and even said, “how do I say this politically correct…” I said, “Mike it’s all good. You can tell me how it is. I just want the best.” He slowly began to just let his words flow freely.

He asked me, “Freddie, do you have kids?” I replied, “No.” He said, “John had so much promise. He was going places and had a big future. He met a girl that brain washed him to think her way was better. So much immaturity.” I compassionately replied, “time heals things.” His non verbals weren’t in accord. I added, “somebody always has it worse.” Meaning well, I was trying to give a positive perspective but the connection wasn’t being met.

He expanded on the story and his frustrations. Even more, the sadness from his parenting came out. He loved his son very much and he expressed his concerns the best he could.

I shared, “I can’t relate to having kids of my own or divorce. But, my mom passed away a month ago after 18 years of living with chronic pain. Time heals a lot of things. There will always be a special bond between parent and child. He will eventually come back to you in time. When he’s ready, just be there with open arms. Keep loving unconditionally as our Father does.”

His body language changed drastically, “You’re right. That’s a good perspective.”

Wherever you are, whatever struggles your faced with…  maybe start from a place of faith, love and gratitude? Yes, somebody always has it worse but being grateful for what you do have is a good place to start.

God’s greatest commandment is to love Him, ourselves, and our neighbors. If we start their and live that… good will come from all areas of our lives. Why? Positive thoughts attract positive things. How? You create your thoughts from a real authentic conversation with God through prayer.

I’m learning to embrace the silence.

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