Yesterday, we shared ideas around royalty, elections, recognition, dances, and maintaining our teams. Remember to stretch! Stretch out to include, involve, and recognize those on the outside. For example, what are we doing for the new staff and students that will be transferring to our school after winter break? Here are the 5 L’s we briefly touched on.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” – Wayne Gretsky

Driving down to Los Angeles to tell your crush you really like her just to hear, “that’s good for you.” It wasn’t the answer you were looking for but what came up of it was something special. She’s become a super close friend! What about with how we do royalty? How can we use this process differently to involve students or staff? Try something new, stretch beyond limitations! You never know… it may produce something awesome or it may turn into something unexpected yet special! Either way it’s a journey and we don’t know unless we take a shot on goal.

Crush the Puck!!


More people lose than win in elections. Sometimes it may be because of a simple popularity vote. Sometimes it was because your people didn’t show up to the voting booths. The secret to losing is learning.

When I was nine years old, I took my first two pigs to the local county fair (think human bodybuilding competition for pigs). One pig didn’t make weight in order to sell it. The other was judged for the quality of meat it would produce at your local Safeway. Rarely does this happen, the judge classified the pig as “Grade 3.” That meant it was too fat! So much fat, that the quality of meat wouldn’t taste good. #EpicFail

Humiliated, I looked at my dad and said I never want to feel this ever again. I learned from losing and the following year I won first place!

Learn from Defeats


The root of all leadership in the classroom, on the field, and in life is love. A simple but meaningful way to love is to recognize someone. You know on your campus who could use some love. What does recognition look like? It’s as simple as acknowledging the person you walk by in the halls. We may not be friends but we can be friendly.

For example, you are walking around campus at morning break. You see a tall young man by himself juggling 3 tennis balls. Walk up, introduce yourself and show interest. Maybe you have a rally coming up or a lunchtime activity to plan. Invite him/her to showcase their talent. Stretch the norm, stretch your limits to involve and include others.

We were at Antelope High School this fall hosting a Leadership Summit. Kevin stood up in front of 200 of his peers and shared how we could help recognize the drama club more on campus. There were captains of sports teams, presidents of clubs/orgs., and ASB leadership in the room who were all busy with their own high school journey’s. Yet in that moment, we gave Kevin the spotlight to perform a 60 second monologue of his upcoming school performance, “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. You could hear a pen drop. Immediately following, student leaders from across campus rose in applause and a standing ovation. Collaborations formed and peers who had no idea are now influencing their peer groups about Kevin and the drama club! #EpicCulture

Lead by Giving


How many of us like to go shopping? How many like buying new shoes? How many young men have walked a mile in high heels?

Once I walked a mile in high heels to support Weave, Inc. in Sacramento, CA. The most painful thing ever!! Until we walk in someone else’s shoes we don’t know how they feel. Interestingly, communication is 93% non-verbal. Many times listening is listening to the silence. As leaders, we need to go out to new peer groups and listen to different perspectives.

Dances. How are we creating an experience for everyone? For example, do your dances have ping pong tables, corn hole, graffiti walls (large blank white paper on the walls), couches with a movie projected on the wall in the lobby, board games in a side room, etc? How about music, are we playing some music that appeals to different perspectives? How can we include and recognize the staff/chaperones? Go shopping for shoes and in the process we’ll hear different perspectives.

Go Shopping!


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Sophomore year, the current Rally Commissioner in leadership class came up to me and said, “Freddie, what do you think about being Rally Commissioner next year?” Half way through Junior year, that same friend said, “Freddie you are doing great. Who are you going to start training to take over the sled?” Shaun empowered and inspired me to be a servant leader and I never forgot that! Maintaining our team success begins with seeking out who will fill our roles the year prior. Mold them, train them, and support them to take the torch!

Success Leaves Clues

Stretch the limits, stretch the losses, stretch the love, stretch the listening, and stretch the legacy beyond yourself. Stretch who/how we recognize others, stretch who/how we involve others at dances, and stretch the legacy of doing great things by succession planning. Lao Tzu sums it up well, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

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