Antelope High School – June 2017 – ASB Leadership Team

“Team Building – Leadership – Communication Workshop” 

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Oakmont High School – July 2017 – ASB Leadership Team

“Team Building – Attitude – Commitment Workshop” 

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SAFE Credit Union – Internship Program

“Servant Leadership, Communication & Ethics Training”

2017 Class


2016 Class


2015 Class



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“Freddie recently spent a day with our teenage interns concentrating on servant leadership and ethics. He used personal stories to engage and connect with the students and he not only kept them involved, but he ensured they were still speaking about him days later. The message he delivered was specific to my needs and his delivery was superb. He knows how to relate to their level and he delivers in a manner that is most impactful for their future. I am excited to have Freddie as a resource for our future programs and would recommend him to any organization who looks to make a difference in the youth of our community.” – Elise Schexnayder, Director SAFE Credit Union Summer Internship Program

“Wanting to help others, humorous, intelligent, and enthusiasm are great qualities that Freddie possesses. Giving great examples and activities to explain Ethics and Servant Leadership, he kept us interested. Personally, from the 2 week internship, I took his Servant Leadership course to heart as the best part! Freddie did an extraordinary job at capturing our attention and changing our way of thinking. Because of this, I am even trying to see if he would be able to speak to my high school, he was very inspiring. In complete honesty I haven’t met a speaker that actually did there job correctly or actually engaged with his audience as much as he did. So if I am going to cast a vote it would be to choose this guy right here, you won’t regret it!” – Sarah Hill, SAFE Intern


Laguna Creek High School – May 2017 – Career Readiness Training

Interviewing & Professional “Life” Skills




“Recently, Freddie gave an incredible soft skills presentation to my senior high school students who will be going through mock interviews with three different companies in a few weeks. Freddie spent considerable time prior to the presentation learning the ins and outs of our program and put together a VERY relevant and timely PowerPoint tailored to my students and the experience they will soon be walking into. He went through the rubric I supplied to prepare my students for what they would be expected to excel in; he role played with a handful of students what a successful interview would look like, and he wove the work that the students have done in my Career Technical Education class into successful strategies and statements that would make the mock interview process as successful and impressive as possible. I have tremendous respect and high praise for the quality of Freddie’s work. I can only give my highest support and recommendation for Freddie Silveria as an effectual public speaker and one who has the gift to pass his knowledge and skills on to others.”

Eric Johnson, Laguna Creek High School Green Energy Technology Academy Academy Co -Coordinator and CTE Instructor