Upcoming Assembly:

Antelope High School – Antelope, CA. – January 9, 2017

Previous Assemblies:

Whitney High School – Rocklin, CA. – August 16, 2017

Back to School, Spirit Week, and/or special events. Freddie connects, relates, and engages. Freddie has spoken on unity, acceptance, attitude, commitment, kindness, respect, campus to career/life, and overcoming challenges. He is approachable and students instantly feel that he cares because he does! Included: Freddie comes to your school at least a week prior to visit and learn about your students, staff, and climate. Typically 18-60 minutes and can be divided into 2 assemblies per day.

“Last year, Freddie spoke at our leadership conference to welcome all of the different schools who attended. After his remarks, the entire vibe of the room was different. All of the students were more excited to start the workshop and more comfortable meeting and collaborating with those they did not know before. Recently, Freddie spoke in front of our entire school for the Welcome Back Rally. He kicked off the school year on the best note possible and set the tone for an amazing year. Freddie brought the perfect energy to combat first day jitters. Not only did he handle himself with professionalism but mixed in enough fun to keep both staff and students entertained the entire time. We love Freddie and can’t wait to have him back!”

Brynn Blatnick, ASB President – Whitney High School