20 Year Reunion: What he said will surprise you? 

I was chatting with Katie, the teller at the bank this morning. I asked about how her son Nolan was doing. Katie said, “Nolan starts school in two weeks so I think he’s just trying to live it up right about now!” She asked about how work was with the kids this week and I replied, “It’s been awesome! The high school kids made transformative strides with building confidence, character, and self esteem.” Katie said, “That’s amazing work you are doing. So needed for these kids. Having the confidence to say hi to people is huge and very impactful! May I share a story with you?” Swiftly I responded, “Yes, please! Share on!!” 

Katie shared, “A few years back I went to my 20 year high school reunion. I’m not going to tell you when because that would date myself but let’s just say it wasn’t long ago (chuckles).” 

She continued, “At my 20 year reunion, this man with a big beard came up to me and said thank you. I had no idea who he was and didn’t recognize him. (Chuckles) You know Freddie, some of us get prettier with time!” I laughed. I loved her humor. Such a jovial and sweet woman with wit! 

Katie added, “This man continued. Thank you. You were so nice and said hi to me all the time. You were the kindness person and you have no idea the impact you had on me. I didn’t have many friends in high school and you were one of the only people that ever said hi to me. I came to this reunion hoping I would run into you because I wanted to thank you and return the favor and say hi back!”

The sincerity in Katie’s voice when she shared was inspiring. 

Who can you say hi to today? Who’s life could you impact? I challenge you to smile, make eye contact and say hello to five people today. Imagine what that could do for your community, organization, or school. 


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