The Compound Effect

There was a high school boy walking home with big headphones on and a yellowish/green neon shirt that read in big letters, “My shirt is brighter than your future.”

Let’s dissect this a bit.

First, everyone has a story. Maybe this was the only shirt this boy had. Maybe it was the only clean shirt? Maybe it’s a shirt that was given to him by his grandfather who recently passed away; hence, the shirt has a lot of meaning to him behind it. Maybe? I’ve learned it’s best to always assume the best in others.

93% of communication is non-verbal. 55% being body language, 38% tone, & 7% the spoken words that come out of your mouth. I don’t know this boys name but I received a message that influence me enough to write a blog about it. Are we aware of our non-verbals?

Second, how are you being an influence with the people around you? If you are the person who is providing shelter for this boy, are you asking questions? Are you being a positive role model for this boy? Are you giving your time and love to better someone else’s life? If you are reading this, I’m taking a guess someone at some point has positively impacted your future. How are you paying that forward? It starts small.

Lastly, the bigger themes with this shirt refer back to two things American culture and more importantly parenting. Turn on mainstream music for 7 minutes and it’s there. Look up top 10 movies, what are they about? The challenge for us now more than ever is INTENTIONALITY. Being intentional about what things we absorb with our five senses. Being intentional about what we listen to, watch/read, and eat.

Parents, your role is more important than ever! Children have access. How can you direct positive thinking and work ethic? How can you provide experiences that foster skill development? If you hold their hand and take ownership of your child’s first five years, how great of a compound effect might that have on your child’s future? Money compounds so does behavior.

In the end, what do we all want? Love. Love comes in many ways. What does the boy want with the shirt that reads, “My Shirt is Brighter than Your Future?”

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