7 Revenue Enhancers with a Twist for your Fundraising Event

Last Hero with a Twist

Hot Potato – Have a fun prize that guests won’t want (think “Pass the Rubber Chicken”). Guests will be raising their paddle for $50 or $100 to re-gift the prize to the next person. The last person to raise their paddle gets stuck with the prize (a reverse Last Hero effect)

Heads or Tails with a Twist

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Guests will stand and raise their paddle for an opportunity to play the game for a prize. FSA will call out the bid numbers like paddle raise style. Once all bid numbers are called out, FSA will play game. Those standing will face another person standing in the game. FSA will remind guests how to play and what beats what. Guests will play a few rounds until there are two final guests to play for the prize.

Golden Ticket with a Twist

Instant Draw – FSA will let guests know that they can win an 8d/7n trip to Mexico for two guests in the next 30 seconds. FSA will let guest know that if you’d like to be entered into our instant draw to raise your paddle and it’s $100. We will have folks recording bid numbers each at $100 and another person (or two) writing down bid numbers on back of raffle tickets. Raffle tickets will be put into a bowl and one winner will be drawn instantly.

50/50 Raffle with a Twist

Piggy Bank – (a variation of a 50/50 raffle) Pass around a flashy piggy bank during the event for guests to put spare change/dollars into. Give updates on total fundraised throughout reception. Then let guest know the bank will be auctioned off to the highest bidder! While the exact amount in the piggy bank should be kept a secret, an estimate could be given to the crowd before the item is auctioned off.

Live Auction with a Twist

First Bid Wins – Have a live auction item and FSA will let guests know that’ll for this auction item we’ll play first bid wins! FSA will start the bid at a very high level and continue to drop the sale price for the package until someone raises their paddle and that person will win the prize instantly. It’s fun, exciting and suspenseful because you never know when someone will raise their paddle with no opportunity to be outbid!

Champagne & Diamond Raffle with a Twist

Tequila Raffle – Guests buy a ticket for a chance to win a trip to Mexico, or a night out at a Mexican restaurant or perhaps a Margarita machine with a bottle of fine tequila. The point is that the prize should have a Mexican theme. 

How it Works – Ten tickets are drawn from a fishbowl and the holders of those ten tickets are called to the stage where there are ten shot glasses waiting. Nine of the shot glasses are filled with water and one is filled with tequila. After a countdown, each qualifier picks up their glass and takes a sip. The person with the tequila wins the prize. (Check with local gaming authority on this one. Make sure participants in this raffle must be of legal drinking age). 

Auctioneer with a Twist

Centerpiece Auction – FSA will ask guests to point at someone at their table to be their table host. The person with the most fingers pointed at them must please stand. FSA will now where with the guest standing at each table that they are now their tables auctioneer. That person will now be auctioning off their table’s centerpiece to only the guests at their table. The table host that sells their centerpiece for the highest will win a prize. Once the item is sold the table host will write on a 3×5 index card the winners bid number and how much they sold it for. Volunteers will go around and collect these cards and identify the highest table centerpiece. 


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