Top 10 Revenue Enhancers that Generate Thousands at Fundraising Events

Wildcard Live Auction – FSA will let guests know there are 3×5 index cards and pens on the table. Write your name and table number on the card. Now write down a live auction item that you wish to donate to tonight’s live auction. Volunteers will go around and collect these. We’ll decide to pick one and put it in our live auction.

Paddle Drop – At End of Live Fundraising, volunteers go around with baskets and guests drop their paddle in a basket. Every paddle dropped in a basket counts as a donation of X dollars. We’ll pick one paddle to win a prize!

Lucky Card Draw – Sell deck of cards (52 cards for $100 each). Emcee pulls from an identical deck of cards and winning card receives prize. ($5,200) Bonus Pro Tip: Sell two decks (104 cards for $100 each).

Watch: Lucky Card in Action

Last Hero – At final level of fund-a-need, we offer a prize to the last person to raise their hand at $100… every $100 is a $100 back to the club but the last person to raise their hand wins the prize. This can generate thousands in a few minutes. ($2,000+)

Heads or Tails – Guests will stand and raise their paddle for an opportunity to play the game for a prize. FSA will call out the bid numbers like paddle raise style. Once all bid numbers are called out, FSA will play game. FSA will flip a quarter. Before quarter is flipped guests must put either both hands on the back of their head or both hands on their bum (tail). Play game until winner after a few rounds. 

Watch: Heads or Tails in Action

Golden Ticket Raffle – Sell tickets/keys/blinking items, guest keeps one of the tickets and BGC keeps the other identical ticket. 100 chances for 100 each. Winner wins prize. ($5000 – $10,000) 

Sweeps – Let’s say we have an exclusive high-end dinner party for 100 guests. FSA will ask guests to raise their paddle for $X dollars for two seats. For example, $500 for two seats is $25,000. $250 for two seats is $12,500. A different version of sweeps is to start selling large groups, small groups and then pairs. For example, raise your paddle for 20 seats at $5,000, 10 seats at $2,500, and so on. 

Balloon Pop – 50 balloons sold for $100 each. One balloon has a prize in it. We all pop them at once and one balloon has a “You won” piece of paper in it! 

Watch: Balloon Pop in Action

If and Only If – At end of Paddle Raise, we’ll get a total fundraised. Say we raised, $47,000. FSA will let guests know we’ll play a “If and Only If.” FSA will share we fundraised $47,000 let’s see if we can get to $50,000. ONLY If we have 3 guests raise their paddle at $1,000 each will accept your donation to reach our goal. If no one, we can try $500. ONLY if we have 6 will we accept your donation to reach our goal. 

Champagne & Diamond Raffle – Jewelers often like to sponsor this raffle. In this event, guests purchase a glass of champagne. Each glass has a number on it. Guests all take a sip of champagne and emcee draws a number. Winning number on glass wins a diamond. 


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