Value of Life

How many of us know someone who lives their life in bed or a wheelchair? Or how many of us know an older person and/or grandparent that lives alone that we haven’t visited in awhile? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions this is for you.

My mom lived in bed with chronic pain for the past 18 years. For the last 12 years, most of my interactions with her consisted of standing or kneeling along her bedside. Her quality of life was absolutely not good and it was very difficult. For years, people would ask me, “How’s your mom?” The answer I gave most of the times was she has her good days and bad days, which was true. However, her normal was our worst 10x. I won’t get into the details because that’s not what this post is about. This post is a call to action for any of us “normal healthy” people to go visit and feel the value of those who are less mobile than us or bed-ridden.

The last couple days I’ve missed Gena (my mom) a lot but it’s helped me realize the value of life from a different perspective. You see for over a decade my mom loved me so much! Everyday I would give her a hug goodnight and she would tell me how much she loved me. She would say, “You will know how much I love you when you have a child of your own someday.” She would also say, “You are the reason I keep fighting, I love you.” Her life consisted of sleeping, eating, phone calls, fighting pain, doctors visits and watching everything from Ellen to the Kardashians. Yet, she was the focal point of my life. Her spirit helped build my compassion and understand how to care for others. Her unconditional love was like daily watering on the seeds that formed my development of morals, values and all that is good.

Yesterday, I visited my grandma’s 88 year old sister, Polly. Polly lives with her dog in a small mobile home in town. I hadn’t seen her since my mom’s funeral. The passing of my mom and grandma have both been tough but she reminds me of their presence. Visiting her made her day and you know… it made my day too! There are all kinds of these people living all around us, many of whom we know.

My good buddy Alex from The Alex and Freddie Show has lived his life with mobility challenges. Much of his life has been lived in a wheelchair but I’ve seen the huge impact he’s made on others! Heck, the impact he’s made on my life! He has friends he calls/skype’s and phone him all day everyday. His new workout videos are inspiring thousands that no matter what physical challenges we face impossible is nothing!

Whether you know someone like Gena (my mom), Polly, or Alex it’s up to you to call, go visit and take the initiative to reach out with them. Many times these people with mobility challenges aren’t visible in our everyday lives but their presence and existence can have a tremendous impact on your life.

Susan who used to visit my mom recently sent me a letter. Susan expressed the feelings and power my mom had on her life from when she used to visit with her in her bed. She wrote how she listened and helped her. Embrace your inner “Susan” and call that person in your life today. Tomorrow go see them! They will change your life for the better.


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