Ordinary Greatness

On my drive home tonight, I saw something so ordinary it shook me. It was something you and I used to do as kids all the time growing up; however, today it’s turned into a thing of the past.

So many times, we aren’t vigilant of the little things. 

On Sunday, I was reading in a local Italian coffee shop. I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation next to me. It was an older man with white hair and a big belly. The other man was about 8 years younger with a Boston accent who moved to El Dorado Hills from the San Francisco Bay Area (I was really creeping into their conversation). They went on for over 30 minutes about the old days and they began to share about “kids these days.” 

I was fascinated by the conversation because I thought these conversations were only in the movies. Imagine Clint Eastwood in a rocking chair with Morgan Freeman. The conversation quickly turned into, “Why don’t you see kids playing outside in the neighborhood anymore?” The younger gentleman chuckled and snickered with a witty comment, “well you live in a seniors gated community so…” The older man made a tip of the cap gesture yet he had no hat on, only white hair to spare. The comment was subtle yet profound. Take a look around your neighborhood. What do you see on your drive home?

Thoughts become things because as I was driving home tonight I couldn’t help but stop my car. I was surprised to see a 14 year old boy playing basketball in the street. He was dribbling and shooting hoops. Just the boy, a basketball, pavement, and a portable 10 foot hoop with water in its base to hold it down. 

Immediately, I thought back to the conversation I overheard at the coffee shop. I thought to myself, “how cool is this.” My hope is that this short story leaves you with two things. A greater sense of self-awareness and a positive light on the future of our humanity. 

Highlight what is good, promote the ordinary, & hold dear the moment. 


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