It feels as if you are breathing in harmony with your audience. As if everyone’s heartbeat is in unison. The crowd is laughing hysterically, people are on the edge of their seats, and we’re having way too much fun! 

Bringing happiness, laughter, & joy to people have always been a passion of mine. Let me share a quick story from tonight. This one had everyone talking for hours after the event. 

The story is titled, “Carol.” So we were at a bidding war for an auction item tonight. There were three bidders and we were at $1,300.00 for the item. Leslie was one of the bidders and she was simultaneously on the phone with Carol who couldn’t be present due to a plane delay (found that out afterwards). Leslie was bidding for Carol who was currently on a plane back from Zimbabwe. Deborah was another bidder in a beautiful blue dress. Deborah bid $1,400.00 and so I ran back over to Leslie knelt beside her as if I was going to ask for her hand in marriage (she was “Cougar” status for me, for sure)! I’m looking at Leslie in the eyes while she has the phone up to her ear with Carol on the other line… I looked at Leslie and I said, “May I talk to Carol?” You could hear a sea of laughter amongst the crowd! I picked up the iPhone and pressed the speaker button. I placed the microphone against the speaker on the bottom of the iPhone.

I said, “Hi Carol.” It was as if I was Regis on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and Leslie had just phoned a friend! I went on… “Carol, I have you on speaker with over 150 of your closest friends. We are currently at a $1,400.00 bid. I’m asking you for a $1,500.00 bid.” 

Carol’s initial response was “You are lying! I was out bid?!” The entire crowd was laughing hysterically at the sound of her words loud and clear over the microphone! Carol said, “$1,500.00!!!” 

The crowd went nuts! So I ran back to Deborah, “Can we get $1,600.00?!” We got 16!!! The crowd was on the edge of their seats. Back to Leslie with Carol on the phone, “Can we get 17?!” Carol with a stern voice said a hard, “No.” I added, “Going once, going twice. Sold!” 

The rest of the evening the running joke was “get Carol back on the phone!” The evening was a huge success and over a dozen people came up to me afterwards saying how amazing the live auction was! 

Videos, pictures, & testimonials to come! If you need an entertaining, engaging, & passionate auctioneer call me today!

Booking: (916) 708-0560 | | | @freddiesilveria 

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