Valentine’s Heart Scar

I met a girl. Beautiful gal who I had my eye on from the moment I saw her Saturday night. She was working at one of the vendor booths while I was the emcee for Saint John’s Program for Real Change. A fabulous event for a wonderful cause.

I asked a friend to find out if she was single at the event. She was! We engaged in small talk and towards the end of the night I whispered in her ear as we were dancing to Justin Bieber, “And you thought I was shy?!” She laughed and said, “How’d you know that?” We both smiled. It was so natural.

I did it for the girl… So she was hanging out at the end of the night with her friends little seven year old daughter. Super adorable. They both went over to this Henna station and were getting hearts on their forearms. I guess because it was going to be Valentines in the next few days? Or maybe it was just because that’s a girl thing to do? Lol, I don’t know but… I was like I’ll get one! “You will,” she said. “Sure! Why not?” Cue the girlie heart tattoo on my forearm now.

I helped her close up her vendor booth while we were the last ones to leave. The connection was so smooth, so cool. So I got her number and said, “Hey, my friend’s son is playing in a band tonight downtown. Want to come with me to see him?” She was like, “Sure!” I’m telling you… it was so cool. Partly because I very rarely find a girl that I’m this interested in.

We go out to see the his band but it was so loud we could hardly hear each other. Thus, we did what any 20/30 something’s would do and went out to grab glasses of water at the Federalists. Truth, you can’t make this stuff up! We get to the Federalists and it was crowded so she goes and grabs water from the back water cooler. I was in line for food but didn’t feel like leaving this new cool girl by herself at the table. “Forget the food, go talk to this girl (I was thinking).” I grab a cup of water and the conversation was so awesome! Everything was good, we end the night with me asking her out on Tuesday night for dinner, which ironically was Valentines Day.

We scheduled our date for 6pm Tuesday evening after work. At 5:41pm, I get a text that says, “Freddie, I can’t go tonight.”

There’s a long story that is not important for the purpose of this blog that would be entered here.

That night, I felt absolutely horrible. I really liked this girl and was really interested and excited to get to know this girl more. Super cute, super sweet, and gosh darn it I have this Henna tattoo on my arm! (Kidding, well not really, lol).

It was the first time in as long as I can recollect that I was on the receiving end of pain. I felt absolutely horrible. I went out that night and got some frozen yogurt with extra reese’s toppings and went to bed really early.

We talked on the phone the next day and it was totally chill. Time heals wounds. I also took a lot out of the experience. I realized how it feels for people when I’ve bailed on them last minute. You see, there is always a positive to takeaway from every scenario. The positive for me here was understanding what it must feel like for others when I may let them down. The understanding of other peoples feelings and the personal growth for myself. We have to be open to understanding His way of teaching us.

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