Life Update; Since January

The past six months, I’ve kept quiet from social media to give myself the freedom to create and focus. I’m currently in Washington D.C. but here’s what I’ve been up to since New Years! Here’s a comprehensive list of previous engagements.

Breaking Down the Walls and the entire Learning for Living team have poured so much into my personal and professional development with students. And I’m looking forward to the schools I get to work with in the Fall of 2018 (including: the Chico, Sacramento, Bay Area, Fresno, LA, Portland, and surrounding areas). Thank you Phil and the entire L4L team for your continual support.

In February, after 2 years of exploration I decided to pull the trigger and make Benefit Auctioneering a full-time branch of my business. I went to Auction school (there’s a thing and it was beyond my comfort zone). I graduated with a Bilingual Degree with over 100 hours of instruction and experience. I learned the business, chant, and the skills to succeed from some of the best auctioneers across the world. Thank you Paul and the entire World Wide College of Auctioneering team in Mason City, Iowa.

Since Auction School, I’ve auctioneered about a dozen benefit auctions and had tremendous success fundraising for non profits and schools. Many people to thank for taking a chance and giving me an opportunity to partner with their organizations. Auction results have included: almost doubling ALL auctions prior years fundraising efforts, quadrupled a schools prior year fund-a-need fundraising total, and implemented new revenue generating tools I learned from other auctioneers who have supported my development. The communities support has been astounding and I’ve booked fundraising auctions out as far as June 2019! Welcome to Freddie Silveria Auctions. Thank you World Wide and all the auctioneers who have poured wisdom in me.

I’m currently finishing up my first week at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. with the National Student Leadership Conference. I’m working with an incredible staff and thousands of teens from across the world on being leaders who are intentional, committed, and courageous. I wish you could see the powerful transformations these students have been making in their lives. Thank you Mike and the entire NSLC staff who have paved the way for me.

Being an entrepreneur is tough stuff but I love what I do everyday! My business is scary and exciting in the same breath. I speak with students a lot in the summer, September, and October. I auctioneer for non profits, schools, and other organizations a lot in the winter and spring months.

What’s the takeaway? One is to let you know what I’ve been up to but more importantly it’s that in life we don’t do it alone. Many people pour into us and help us along the way. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of others. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

“Speaking with students by day. Fundraising for them by night!”

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2 thoughts on “Life Update; Since January

  1. Awesome and inspiring, two words that initially come to my mind to describe you Freddie Silveria. Love to you, and safe journey xoxo, t

  2. Freddie you are such an inspiration! I love to see all that you are doing with your life – you are touching and making a difference in so many lives. Your energy and positive attitude are contagious.

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