I walked up to Breana the barista at Starbucks. She looked tired and looked like she could use a “pick me up!” I said, “Hi there!” She replied, “Hi. What can I get started for you?” In my head, I was thinking what can I say to make Breana’s day. How can I evoke a smile? Is there anything I can do for this stranger to express good and love to her? 

Then, with a smile I said, “I don’t know, what’s your favorite?” Surprised, she gently let out a small smile. I was expecting her to say something like what are you in the mood for or I don’t know it’s all good here. But no, she said, “I really like the Maciattos.” I said, “great I’ll have one of those!!” She smiled again, “have you ever had one?” … “Nope. But I’m excited to try one!” She laughed and had a smile ear to ear! 

Ironically, I’m writing about that experience I had today. At the moment, I was thinking how can I serve and bring happiness to this person I came in contact with today. The irony comes in because by serving others I served myself. I gained happiness by bringing her happiness. I don’t know the kind of impact that small gesture had on her day. But on a day that was my BIRTHDAY (no joke) and that experience of all things is what I’m writing about… It shows how giving to others is a selfless selfish act! 

The more we give the more we get. Breana, thank you for the Machiatto. Cheers to you girl! 

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