Keynote Speaker

Freddie speaks about leadership, motivation and inspiration. At age 9, Freddie’s family was hit by a drunk driver. Freddie’s mom lived disabled for the rest of her life. Medical bills piled up and his family eventually went homeless. For 17 years, Freddie, an only child, would become a caregiver for his mom who would pass away when he was 27 to cancer. His dad is currently fighting off cancer and winning! Freddie has dedicated his life to using his story to make a positive difference in the lives of those he touches.

Freddie has spoken with over 100,000 students and adults about leadership, empathy and being the best version of you. Freddie has spoken over 1,000 times for the last 10 years. Notable speaking engagements include: Harvard Medical School, Oracle, Pandora, Georgetown University, UC Berkeley, University San Diego, Sacramento State University, the San Diego Family Justice Center, countless hotel conference rooms and over 250 middle and high schools across US and Canada. In addition, Freddie has started his own fundraising events business where FSA Auctions has fundraised over $30 Million for nonprofits, schools and charities across the country for the last 6 years.

Freddie leaves guests empowered and motivated. Freddie is known for his ability to engage, connect and inspire both small to large groups. His fun-loving and heartfelt approach has guests laughing and clapping one moment and moved to better their lives the next!



“Who will you Be?” Being your best self starts with your thoughts, choices and actions.

“I am a Leader.” Believing in yourself and understanding how you are a leader.

“It’s Hard to Hate Someone Whose Story You Know.” Understanding we’re better together. How to create communities of care.


“Overcoming Adversity.” – Five Steps You Can Take to Living Your Best Life

“Jumping for Joy!” – How to Start Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

“Connecting the Dots.” – Living Your Life by Design

Group Workshops

Wether your group is having trouble working together or you are starting fresh with a new team, Freddie designs team-building workshops that leave groups connected and working better together.