“From the very beginning, Freddie was fully engaged and worked wonderfully, and artfully, to raise more money than we dreamed possible. He genuinely cared as much as we did about the outcome of our fundraiser! Freddie was well prepared too – he did his homework so that he understood the magnitude of the cause he was championing. He asked us great questions upfront and had excellent suggestions that made our event more profitable and meaningful. He was on time, if not early, for every meeting and on the day of our event. Freddie is an absolute professional in every way and we will most definitely use him again.” – Executive Director

“Freddie is awesome!  He made great effort to understand our work and why it is important.   He found multiple ways to communicate that to our guests.  With great enthusiasm and professionalism he raised more money that we thought possible.   We are grateful and cannot wait to have him back next year.” – Executive Director

“Freddie’s passion for auctioneering was evident the moment we began working with him. We had recommendations for several other auctioneers and decided to hire Freddie due to his enthusiasm, curiosity, and price. Freddie visited each of the beneficiaries to understand our charity in depth, asked many questions, and helped come up with ideas and strategies to make our event both memorable and enjoyable. Lastly, he doesn’t nickel and dime percentages during the event, and he was incredibly generous with his time responding to texts, emails, and driving out to the Bay Area for meetings. Freddie was on fire at the event and was able to create a record breaking auction event. We would recommend Freddie in a heart beat to anyone looking to raise money!” – Gala Chair

“THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done it without you. You not only inspired people to give to our kid’s program but you made them feel good about doing it. Your enthusiasm is genuine and very positive; and your energy is contagious. We also appreciate all your help and ideas before and after the event. Thank you again for creating a fun atmosphere of giving. We look forward to working with you again.” – Board President

“Wow, just WOW! Once again, Freddie, you proved yourself to be an amazing auctioneer and a loving, caring human being. Thank you for all you did in preparation for last night and for working so hard to get the paddles in the air! Your genuine love for our organization and your own passion for your business is amazing for us all to experience. The numbers show for themselves at how talented you are! You are the reason we are successful.” – Director of Development

“Freddie Silveria did an outstanding job as auctioneer for our Me-One Foundation annual fundraising event in December 2018. His boundless enthusiasm paired with his attention to pre-event detail and planning resulted in a formula for a major success for us. Freddie convinced us to take the time to refine and re-structure the categories in the Fund-A-Need portion of the live auction and it really paid off, almost doubling the prior year’s Fund-A-Need. With Freddie’s guidance and skills, we blew the lid off our evening’s fundraising goal, exceeding our expectations by a mile. Freddie is highly creative, and brings a fresh, youthful point of view to modernize and freshen the old tried and true methods of auctions. He researches best practices and is not hesitant to put new ideas into practice.” – Auction Committee Member

“From the beginning, Freddie committed to our event as if he had his own children in the school. Leading up to the auction, he did not watch the clock as we met by phone or in person, and instead made sure he gave us however much time we needed to develop a strong fundraising plan and lock down details for a smooth event. Then, when we finally got to see him do his thing as auctioneer, we immediately knew that he was worth the investment. The amount of energy and fun that he brought to the event was just incredible, and helped us raise beyond our fundraising goal. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” – Auction Chair

“Freddie was amazing!! His high energy and ability to command an audience is outstanding. I was blown away at Adrian and my Live Auction item outside! Overall, the evening resulted in big $$ for a great cause.” – Board Member

“Freddie was an absolute asset to our gala planning team. He helped in the planning stage and was essential day of. His fundraising ideas were innovative and fun. Day of the event he was a huge help – stepping in wherever he could. The event was an awesome success thanks to his energy and passion! We couldn’t have done it without him! I would highly recommend FSA Auctions!!” – Auction Chair

“Freddie has done a fantastic job as the auctioneer and MC for our last two art auction benefits!  This year he helped us exceed our fundraising goal for the event and was invaluable in helping us plan and execute a special appeal – which also exceeded its goal! Very professional and prepared, has great ideas to improve fundraising measures during events. He has great energy on stage and our guests thought he was highly entertaining – perfect for benefit events!” – Executive Director, Auction Chair

“Freddie was absolutely essential to the success of our auction at Holy Spirit School in Fairfield, CA. Thanks to his help, we exceeded our Fund A Need Goal by close to $10,000! He is genuinely enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. He gave us great advice throughout the course of our planning that helped us greatly to go the extra mile in making our event a huge success! Thank you Freddie and please mark your calendar for next year!” – Auction Chair

“Working with Freddie was a pleasure. He successfully guided our institution through the auction process, offering advice on auction item donations, setting minimum bids, and ensuring that we secured commitments before the opening bid. Freddie was super-prepared. He briefed all of our volunteers beforehand so that everyone was aware of their roles and responsibilities. He met attendees and took the pulse of the room, allowing us to determine the optimal start-time for the auction. He made the event fun for attendees, and encouraged participation with this light-hearted and engaging style. He even provided his own A/V equipment! The result was a phenomenal fundraising total that we would not have realized without Freddie’s hard work and dedication. If you are considering hosting an auction in support of your organization, I cannot recommend Freddie highly enough. Thank you!” – Auction Chair

“Freddie was incredible at our event. He brings so much joy and energy that is infectious! I highly recommend Freddie to anyone putting on an event. Had many people tell me it was the best auctioneer experience they have ever had! So grateful to him.” – Auction Chair

“I recently had the privilege of working with Freddie. He was professional and fun from beginning to end. The event was a huge success which was greatly attributed to his energy and experience. Freddie was very hands on with our group and had great ideas. He was quick to respond to emails and joined our board committees for meetings. During our event Freddie came alive. His presence was felt throughout the entire room but was never pushy. He made it easy to get involved and interacted well with our guests. Our organization was blessed by record donations received thanks to Freddie. I would gladly recommend FSA to anyone looking for an auctioneer.” – Board Member

“Freddie is a consummate professional that was born to be an auctioneer. He understands that raising money through an auction is more than just showing up the night of the event. He does his preparation and consults the client throughout the planning process to help ensure that they meet (likely exceed) their fundraising goals. Freddie’s enthusiasm and passion shines through, and he is excellent at keeping the crowd engaged and motivated to keep their paddles in the air.” – Auction Attendee

“The energy, enthusiasm and joy that Freddie brings to fundraising auctions light the atmosphere with hope. Freddie understands his audience and connects them to the cause on a very unique level. Because Freddie believes in the power of generosity, he is able to  ignite auction attendees to respond in meaningful ways to make an impactful gift. That’s why I believe FSA Auctions to be the best choice.” – Auction Attendee

“Wow what a talent! I was bowled over watching Freddie in action. A true talent full of great high energy and humor. The whole crowd was up-lifted and I am sure the event raised more than expected. I was able to capture the event at Blue Line Arts in Roseville and can not wait to shoot another live auction. I felt like I had seen an exciting show.” – Photographer

“Freddie was our auctioneer for our annual fundraising dinner & auction for the Me-One Foundation this December and we were so blessed to have him.  Freddie took an active role in planning the event all the way through the event review & recap to determine what we can do even better next year…..he was truly an active participant in our event team and this made a HUGE impact on the success of our event as the funds raised were the most we have ever taken in.  I would HIGHLY recommend Freddie for your fundraising event!!” – Board Member

“What an auctioneer!!!
Freddie Silveria did an amazing job at our recent Auction Gala for Holy Spirit School!  He brought enthusiasm and his expertise to make the evening a huge success! Freddie met with our committee several times to offer suggestions and guide the team for the evening.  He personally interacted with the crowd and helped us to raise tons of money and meet our goals.  Freddie, you’re a gem; what a fun night we had! Looking forward to having you as our auctioneer next year!” – School Principal

“Your ideas & auctioneering skills helped all that were at our Gala get into the “Be a Hero” mode! We appreciate your enthusiasm, expertise & help in making our event a resounding success! With your help, we more than doubled our proceeds from last year’s gala. We are thankful that you are a hero for our kids!” – Board Member

“As one who has nearly 25 years of nonprofit experience, ranging from local to national organizations, I have never experienced a room to be as engaged as the room last night.” – Auction Attendee


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