Breaking Down the Walls is a comprehensive program designed to unify, empower, and engage every student to create a positive and supportive campus climate. Phil’s groundbreaking techniques help open doors and reveal truths that immediately stimulate self-reflection and community-building. Students learn to interact with a cross-section of their peers, and find that they do not live in isolation, rather, within a community that depends on each of its members to thrive. Students work side by side, learn from one another, and become active participants in the positive development of their campus.

BDTW subject matter and activities have been created to serve a broad vision for positive, healthy campus climate. For one campus, BDTW can serve as a violence prevention program, teaching students crucial communication and listening skills to help navigate times of question or conflict. For another campus, BDTW may serve as a leadership program, empowering leaders from different peer groups to engage and create a school climate that is inclusive, safe, and supportive.


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