Everything begins with care. Recently, Freddie was on a tour of a school for students who were deaf or hard of hearing and it hit him. This is why he loves this work! Seeing the impact the teacher was having on the students (George) and knowing it was because the effort that went into fundraising drives Freddie Silveria Auctions to make the best, better!

Freddie’s mom (Gena) battled chronic back pain and cancer (colon & pseudomyxoma peritonei) for over 15 years. Weekly doctor visits, daily pain medication management, and frequent ER visits… Freddie became a care giver at a young age.

Freddie Silveria earned his BA in Communication from Saint Mary’s College (Moraga). Then studied Leadership under former Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta at the Panetta Institute for Leadership & Public Policy. Freddie was a #1 ranked Account Sales Manager for PepsiCo for nearly 30 months until he decided he wanted his work to be more fulfilling. In 2014, he began training to be a presenter for Learning for Living’s “Breaking Down the Walls” school culture program. Since, he has presented at high schools and middle schools across the country. BDTW’s brings about 200 students together each day for activities and conversation around creating communities of care with the premise that “It’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.” In 2016, Freddie was actively involved with non profits in the Sacramento and Bay Area when he was asked to auctioneer a fundraising gala. It was a natural fit early on so in 2018 he went to the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa.

Today, he owns Freddie Silveria Auctioneering & Consulting. Where his team works full-time with schools and non profits to maximize their fundraising efforts. He also presents and speaks with youth for Breaking Down the Walls and the National Student Leadership Council in Washington D.C.

Freddie lives in Sacramento and travels frequently across US & Canada. He enjoys basketball, outdoor adventures, and frozen yogurt with friends.


One thought on “About

  1. Freddie, you’re amazing! I appreciate your enthusiasm and opinion of life. Every day; you manage to make someone’s day a little bit brighter, and I think it’s really cool that you strive to improve humanity and to do your part; even go above and beyond to help a complete stranger or your best friend. Everyone can use a helping hand now and then, and you certainly do your utmost to be that helping hand and to provide support to others even through your own struggles. I’m like you, I’d be willing to help anyone, but I’m just wondering why you help others so often. When you came to my school you struck me as a completely caring, genuine person, with a great sense of humor, and that is the best kind of person there is! Basically, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for society! I think you should take some time to do something for yourself as well, because I think people like you and I sometimes sacrifice ourselves a little bit, so please just do something you enjoy for yourself once in a while; reward yourself on occasion. Anyway, thanks again for the effort you put into making the world a better place for all humans to be.

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