Your grace, your spirit & positivity were exactly what we needed at our Kick Off Conference.” SPEAKING FOOTAGE

Yesenia Aceves, Director Pathways to HOPE Project, San Diego

“Recently, Freddie gave an incredible soft skills presentation to my senior high school students who will be going through mock interviews with three different companies in a few weeks. Freddie spent considerable time prior to the presentation learning the ins and outs of our program and put together a VERY relevant and timely PowerPoint tailored to my students and the experience they will soon be walking into. He went through the rubric I supplied to prepare my students for what they would be expected to excel in; he role played with a handful of students what a successful interview would look like, and he wove the work that the students have done in my Career Technical Education class into successful strategies and statements that would make the mock interview process as successful and impressive as possible. I have tremendous respect and high praise for the quality of Freddie’s work. I can only give my highest support and recommendation for Freddie Silveria as an effectual public speaker and one who has the gift to pass his knowledge and skills on to others.”

Eric Johnson, Laguna Creek High School Green Energy Technology Academy Academy Co -Coordinator and CTE Instructor

“Freddie Silveria is a breath of fresh air! He brought new perspectives to PMI that had the room involved from the first few minutes. His material was easy to understand but provoked deep thought and multiple questions. The exercises caused each person to experience what was being taught in a very personal way. I believe my colleagues, went home with new perspectives about soft skills, being likable and how to evolve and grow. If you get a chance to hear Freddie speak, take it! You will not be disappointed!” SPEAKING FOOTAGE

Grace Keller, Project Managers Institute Member

“I liked how well Freddie engaged the group and he did a good job with opening up dialogue. I also appreciated the statistics that he shared relating to soft skills and getting jobs. Very relevant to me in my field!” SPEAKING FOOTAGE

Allison Durham, TEKsystems Technical Recruiter

“I recently requested Freddie to speak to our Confirmation Class. He engaged with my students quite well and gave them many ideas to ponder. He was energetic, funny, informative and passionate. But most of all, he was very caring and sensitive to the questions and concerns my students presented to him. I think he made a big impression on my students.” SPEAKING FOOTAGE

Deacon Paul Friedrich, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Sacramento

“I’d highly recommend Freddie as your speaker. He’s message hits home, a delight to work with & he has a heart the size of Texas.” SPEAKING FOOTAGE

Bernie Stoltz, CEO Fortune Management, Santa Rosa

“Freddie recently lead our MPISSN (Meetings Professional International Sacramento/Sierra Nevada) chapter in a session titled “How to work with different generations, being open to change, new ideas, and how to thrive in a diverse group”. We had a diverse group of about 15 or so and he led a wonderful discussion that was thought provoking and I walked away with several takeaways. I would love to sit in on one of his longer sessions and would highly recommend him as a facilitator.”

Lauren Richardson, CPM, CGMP, Meeting Planners Institute, Sierra Nevada

“Freddie does everything because he wants to make a difference! Lots of energy & heart. He engages youth through powerful stories & a light-hearted approach.” SPEAKING FOOTAGE

Ete Anderson, Asst. Dean of Student Life, Moraga

“Freddie is a natural speaker and a gifted communicator. I have witnessed him speak on several occasions and greatly admire his ability to connect with an audience and effectively deliver his intended message (with charisma). He is comfortable in front of any size group and has the natural ability to engage/influence others. It is always a pleasure to see Freddie and I look forward to the next opportunity to hear him speak. Words that best describe Freddie are: energetic, positive, trustworthy, communicator, professional, and smile.”

Ryan Drury, Pacific Neon Company, Sacramento

“Freddie recently spent a day with our teenage interns concentrating on servant leadership and ethics. He used personal stories to engage and connect with the students and he not only kept them involved, but he ensured they were still speaking about him days later. The message he delivered was specific to my needs and his delivery was superb. He knows how to relate to their level and he delivers in a manner that is most impactful for their future. I am excited to have Freddie as a resource for our future programs and would recommend him to any organization who looks to make a difference in the youth of our community.”

Elise Schexnayder, SAFE Credit Union, Sacramento

“Wanting to help others, humorous, intelligent, and enthusiasm are great qualities that Freddie possesses. Giving great examples and activities to explain Ethics and Servant Leadership, he kept us interested. Personally, from the 2 week internship, I took his Servant Leadership course to heart as the best part! Freddie did an extraordinary job at capturing our attention and changing our way of thinking. Because of this, I am even trying to see if he would be able to speak to my high school, he was very inspiring. In complete honesty I haven’t met a speaker that actually did there job correctly or actually engaged with his audience as much as he did. So if I am going to cast a vote it would be to choose this guy right here, you won’t regret it!”

Sarah Hill, Student, SAFE Credit Union, Sacramento

“I wanted to extend our appreciation and praises to you for being an awesome Auctioneer! Thank you for being available at any time to answer all of our questions during the planning and the execution of our first live auction at the Lighthouse Charter School Fall Festival. Thank you for taking the time to help and guide us through the process of a successful live auction event. Your professionalism was impeccable and your sense of humor was unforgettable. Thank you for your time… take care and we’ll keep in touch!”

Jennifer Regadio, Lighthouse Charter School Board, Sacramento

“Freddie was great and really connected well with the kids. He really gave the kids a true opportunity to talk to one another on a real level. Also, he was very flexible and accommodating. Outstanding!“

Satya, Valley Center HS, San Diego

“Thank you so much for your great energy and positivity!!”

Pepper, Inspire HS, Chico

“You changed me and all the people that heard your voice. You are one man on a mission and I will spread your name and make sure you complete it! Wish you could come back!”

Justin, Snohomish HS, Seattle

“You are a great leader. You have no idea how big of an impact you had on me. Thank you.”

Kelsey, Harry Ainlay HS, Canada

Students Regarding CTE Training Conducted:

“Thank you for visiting our GETA class earlier this week to teach us about interviews.  The insight that you gave me help to understand why I failed a previous job interview and hopefully I will now be able to find a job.  You helped me learn that I need to be much friendlier with everyone I encounter during an interview and I now know to listen to specifications given when potential employers ask questions.  Thank you for your time and I hope that you will return next year to share your wisdom with another class.” – Nicholas A.

“Thank you for coming to our class and giving us a truly amazing crash course on interviewing skills. I was really shocked to see how much room for improvement in my skills I still need to reach. I also really appreciated the way you personally helped some students and pointed out the skills they already have. Thank you very much for you time, your personality, and your jokes.” – Karla M.

“First of all, I want to give a simple thank you. When I heard we had a guest speaker I wasn’t excited. I didn’t want to do anything, but after you first started talking I knew it was going to be a good class. I went in thinking I knew everything I could have known about interviews and conversations. Everybody else will be saying thanks for teaching me this or that, but I want to say thanks for breaking my expectation. Your information won’t go unused.”- Jack G.

“I personally learned how to properly answer and ask questions during an interview and will be sure to use this knowledge in my mock interview this year, and any interviews I do in the future.” – Kaleb H.

“Thank you for coming to our class and teaching us about what we should and shouldn’t do during an interview. Something that I’ve learned during the time you were here is that most of the interview is based on how it is presented rather than what is presented. To me, that is something that I’ve found to be a weakness of my own that I could always work on. The lesson was something I could apply to my interviews and hopefully sticks with me for a good while of my life.” – Drew N.

“Thank you for your time and effort the other day when you were helping us with our interview skills. I highly appreciate all the tips and tricks you gave us and I know that’ll they’ll come in handy. The great thing about this is that it’s something that will stay with us forever as a lifelong skill. Once again, thank you!” – Lemi S.

“Thank you for taking the time to come to our class and teach us different ways to improve our communication skills. From this experience, I learned that first impressions and how you say things can really affect how people see you as a person. I also learned that it’s okay to be nervous but try to relax and stay calm and just be you. These are skills that I will start using more when I meet new people and when I have job interviews. The first step would be using these skills during the mock interviews we will start having in April. Once again I want to thank you for teaching something new about communication that I didn’t know.” – Annie G.

“Thank you for your time teaching us the proper skills needed to go through an interview in a professional manner. I learned that the most important factor to an interview is the first impression and appearance. I also learned the structure of a real conversation. From what I took away from the lesson you taught us, I feel more comfortable with doing the mock interviews and I now know what to expect from it. I’m happy to know that the skills you taught us apply to any type of interview. Again, thank you for the time coming into our class and giving the class and I an important life skill that we can use the rest of our lives.” – Niko H.

“Thank you so much for your time in our class of 2018 in GETA. You taught us so much about how to be professional and the essential basics of an interview. Even though it will be my first time being interviewed, so I might get nervous. But, you taught us the steps of making impressions to the employer and allowing us to role-play this event to somewhat get the feel for it. Overall, you helping us on our “mock” interview will benefit us into the future.” – Kenny R.

“This letter is primarily intended to say thank you for the time that you gave to teach us how to present ourselves in interviews.  I have yet to have the chance to utilize the knowledge that we acquired in your time that you spent with us, however we have a “mock” interview in April and it looks to be that we will take these lessons with us for the rest of our life.” – Jackson T.

“Thank you for taking the time to come to our school and speak with us. The conversation bit stuck with me, because I’ve had many times where I was just at a loss as to how to continue a conversation. I’ll definitely try to put this into practice next time I think I’m having this issue.” – Jamil T.

“Thank you for coming to our school. Your energy was amazing not a boring moment at all. You really good at what you do. I will take what you taught us and use them.” – Sonja N.

“Thank you for your time in teaching us some of the ways we should act and some things we should do so employers can look at us as someone who is important. We took up most of your time and didn’t really do much in return so this is as much as I can do to thank you for what you have taught us seniors at Laguna Creek High School. The most important things that I learned were that I should not use my hand motions to extensively and to always keep my eye contact with the interviewer. This will always stick with me because I am really bad at starting a conversation. I believe in the future these steps can help me to get to know my boss and future friends to come. Thank you again for your time that you spent to teach us these valuable skills: from what employers are looking for, how we should dress, conversation tactics, and the thank you notes.” – Christopher Y.

“I will absorb and put the tips you gave us on the interviews to good use in the future, as they were very helpful. Now, I can go into an interview feeling well prepared and super confident.” – Travis M.

“Thank you for taking your time to come out to Laguna Creek High School. During the ice breaker, I stated my intention as seeing what you had to offer. And you delivered flawlessly. You offered information that I had never heard of before – to learn the receptionist’s name.  It was such a major epiphany that even now, I am still in some shock. So thank you. I will definitely utilize that in any future interviews as well as the mock interview sometime in April.” – Jessica P.

“I wanted to thank you for coming into our class and helping us with doing interviews. Thanks for taking time out of your day to help us. I never knew so many small details existed in interviews and I learned a lot. I have a big advantage over people now because I have more knowledge than most of my peers about interviews.” – Antonio H.

“It was a pleasure meeting you as you have a great personality and make us feel very comfortable around you. Personally, I’m not an outgoing person, so the structure of a conversation will help me try to approach others. How you let us participate was also great.” – Samson T.

“Thank you for your time. I will now be able to hold conversations.” – Tatiana B.

“I would love to thank you for your help. Your presentation was amazing. I had an interview that day and your techniques really helped.” – Jacob J.

“Hey and thanks for coming out to ready us. I’m sorry about that goofy thing at the office, you know the whole world is just becoming one big restriction with these new policies. So thank you for your patience and flexibility. My mom is a therapist so I knew plenty of the gestures/postures a human show’s off, but you definitely helped boost my confidence. I also learned more on what kind of questions will be asked.” – John M.

“Thank you for taking your time and preparing us for our mock interview. I learned that are many steps and routines that come with the process. I can ensure to you that I will be more than ready because of your brilliant assistance. I hope that you can come back later this year and help us with more career readiness development.” – Regie H.

“Thank you, very much for coming into our class and teaching us what to do to ace an interview. We really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to show us all of these tips and for showing us what interviewers are looking for in an interviewee. I like that you were very engaging and made the class feel calm as well as create interactions to make the class more engaged.” – Alek S.

“Thank you for taking the time to come to our class and share with us on proper etiquette when going into an interview. I never would have thought about engage a conversation with the receptionist. I also took it to heart when you said that it’s what you don’t say that make more of an impression than what you do say. I also understand that it is important to come prepared with at least six questions for the interview.” – Mukisa S.