Leaders for Life

School Assembly

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Back to School, Spirit Week, and/or special events. Freddie connects, relates, and engages. Freddie has spoken on unity, acceptance, attitude, commitment, kindness, respect, campus to career/life, and overcoming challenges. He is approachable and students instantly feel that he cares because he does! Included: Freddie comes to your school at least a week prior to visit and learn about your students, staff, and climate. Typically 18-60 minutes and can be divided into 2 assemblies per day.

Leadership Summit

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Imagine what would happen if 200 student leaders across ASB, Athletics, Academics, Performing Arts, & various program heads came together? Captains of the football team, ASB officers, Drama Club President, Band, etc. Everyone together for team building activities, small/large group discussions, and recognition exercises. Students walk away with awareness of groups they didn’t know about, new friends from different programs, and ways they can collaborate together to make everyone feel included, supported, and appreciated. Ask about the story of Kevin. Typically 3 hours, in gym or cafeteria, and beginning of school until lunch time. Typically in the Fall.

Leadership Retreat


Neutral third party facilitator that leaves students with ownership for the goals they come up with together. Students walk away with stronger bonds, attitude, and commitment. Half or Full Day, & ASB elected officers. Typically in the summer.

Catholic Confirmations

Empowering students to live consciously, strengthen decision making, build courage, and foster a stronger relationship with God. Keynotes, conferences, and retreat speaker. 45 minute talks (2 per day), 1/2 day and full day experience. Typically in the Spring.