I enjoy being “on” at all times and bringing the best out in others. Many event organizers understand that a great MC sets the tone for their event; they also know the importance of having an outsider that’s okay playing “bad cop” (instructing speakers and such to stay inside time allotments). As MC, I take pride in managing the energy in the room and I love hosting throughout your event (i.e.- banquets night before, happy hour mixers after, and everything in between). I understand it’s about your audience and their wants/needs from event. Contact: freddiesilveria@gmail.com or (916) 708-0560.

Credibility: Keeping hundreds of high school students engaged for up to 7 hours in one space with Breaking Down the Walls and maintaining audience attention as an auctioneer/stand up comedian/improv actor for dinner theater.


Past Events:

Midtown Strength & Conditioning – Saint John’s Program for Real Change

MPACE Conference – PCI Training Program

Lighthouse Charter Fall Festival – Annual School Fundraiser

Auburn University – PCI Training Program (Auburn, AL.)

Hilton Event Center – PCI Training Program (Chicago, IL.)

Blue Goose Event Center – Annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony, Del Oro FFA Assoc. (Loomis, CA.)

Soda Center – Annual Awards Ceremony, ASSMC Clubs & Orgs. (San Francisco, CA.)



One thought on “Master of Ceremonies

  1. Hi Freddie!

    I wanted to extend our appreciation and praises to you for being an awesome Auctioneer! Thank you for being available at any time to answer all of our questions during the planning and the execution of our first live auction at the Lighthouse Charter School Fall Festival. Thank you for taking the time to help and guide us through the process of a successful live auction event. Your professionalism was impeccable and your sense of humor was unforgettable. Thank you for your time… take care and we’ll keep in touch!

    Jennifer Regadio

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