Team Building | Leadership | Communication Skills

Antelope High School – Leadership Summit August ’17

“Connection, Leadership, & Attitude”

Best Thing about Today?

What Surprised You?

Thoughts for Presenter?

  • My group appreciated my story about my program. I got to see all the special things going on at Antelope.
  • Hearing about all of our programs and their achievements.
  • The group that I was in was amazing and kind.
  • Being able to dive deeper with our small groups and connect to people from different areas at school.
  • My group was awesome!
  • The lessons of Attitude and Experiences.
  • Meeting and interacting with new people.
  • Talking to and meeting new people about their passion.
  • Discussing the traits of leaders.
  • Making Connections.
  • Getting to see all of the leaders at our school and working together with them to make antelope a more inclusive and awesome school!
  • Collaborating with other programs.
  • The Raven Guy. That some programs felt unappreciated. As yearbook, we want to make them feel special.
  • How good the programs I didn’t know were.
  • Kevin was the best thing today!
  • The amount of activities, clubs and sports that need recognition and appreciation.
  • Kevin!
  • Kevin was sooo goodand that inspired me to look at what else is at Antelope!
  • The way people encouraged each other.
  • People’s thoughts on different topics presented.
  • Hearing others have similar ideas.
  • Seeing everyone support each other.
  • ThatIhadalotof leadership qualities in common with people from other groups on campus.
  • Kevin
  • When you said “lit”
  • KEVIN! Reciting TheRaven!
  • Kevin!
  • Great! Got everyone involved.
  • Overall good: fun and non-stop, stay that way!
  • Great & Nice.
  • Keep it up!!
  • Super cool!
  • Very good and funny!
  • Amazing Energy!Positivity!
  • Great speaker, wasengaging!
  • He did a good jobguiding us and encouraging us to speak our true thoughts.
  • He inspired me to think about how I’m leading my teams and clubs and how I help support other groups.
  • Liked be, do, have!
  • Really nice and keptthe energy high.
  • Liked high intensityand kept meentertained!
  • He was really goodand I loved his energy. Very funny too!
  • Great energy and amazingattitude/leadership! Always a good day with Freddie!!
  • Come back to Antelope!!!
  • Talking to people I hadn’t talked to before was awesome!
  • Meeting new people and hearing other groups.
  • Am I allowed to say everything?
  • Getting to bond with people who have the same mindset as me.
  • Learning about new people
  • The activities we did
  • How passionate people were about the things they do when they shared in my group
  • Learn new things about people
  • Enjoyed talking about collaboration
  • The note card
  • Meeting new people and getting recognition for what I do
  • Working in small groups and having good conversation
  • Listening to people’s talents and traits
  • Being able to interact with NEW people
  • Connecting with others
  • Meeting Zion who was very goal orientated and inspired me
  • This/That and Never have I ever
  • How helpful this was!
  • Kevin
  • How fun it was
  • How some peoplefeel unappreciated intheir programs
  • What people’sstrengths were
  • How many groups gounrecognized
  • Smaller clubs andsports opening up
  • How inclusive everyone was
  • How open we were
  • The number of diverse leaders
  • How supportive everyone was for each other’s opinions
  • How many leaders I didn’t know
  • The similarities between leaders in my diverse group
  • How happy everyone was throughout the whole day
  • How many different clubs there are
  • Awesome drama skit
  • How comfortable Iwas during this conference and talking with others
  • How good of leader’s others are
  • The hand motions and how each one had a meaning behind it
  • How open people can be to strangers
  • Really cool & out going.
  • You did really well with creating fun and interesting ways to help everyone get to know each other and step out of their comfort zone. I think you motivated us to better our school in more ways than I would have originally thought. Thank you!
  • You seem wonderful and that you have a passion for what you do.
  • He was super cool and fun
  • Very clear-spoken, relatable, GOOD!
  • Freddie is a greatpresenter
  • Very passionateabout what he does and brought out discussions that aren’t talked about often.
  • Really energetic and good at what he does
  • Awesome message!
  • You are inspiring! Ilove you Freddie!
  • I loved that noteverything was super emotional but provoked thoughts more in depth than surface level
  • How positive and relatable Freddie is
  • Keep doing what you love!
  • Recognition and meeting new people
  • Meeting new people and learning about their interests
  • Seeing how amazing our school truly is
  • Learning people’s stories
  • The idea of all the minor clubs getting support
  • Realizing the beautiful souls on this campus that I probably would’ve never met before
  • The note cards because I could truly show my appreciation towards the people in my group
  • Doing the opening activities
  • Ice breakers
  • Learning how I can help other clubs
  • Having a voice
  • Small groups, hearing what groups on campus felt unappreciated and how we could come together
  • Hearing other people’s thoughts on how we could improve the support on our campus
  • Learning how to have a conversation with people you never met
  • How connected our school became in a span of a few hours
  • How many cool and inspirational leaders we never met before
  • How much we came together
  • I learned new things about my group
  • The JR/Senior prom/ball (great idea!)
  • I enjoyed the energy everyone put out.
  • How many clubs felt left out
  • The number of people that talked
  • I learned a lot of things about other clubs and exciting to see what they were
  • How many people had never been taught how to have a conversation
  • How open we were
  • How much more wecan do to showappreciation
  • How so many peoplehave unique talents and intelligent insight to different approaches to leadership
  • I felt like I could be open
  • That no one felt left out today
  • The notecards and how they seemed genuine
  • Absolutely amazing!
  • Good jobdemonstratingleadership
  • I really like the wayyou made me comfortable talking to others and I thought I wouldn’t
  • Nice dance moves.
  • Loved his ideas andpositivity
  • Positive energy
  • He was truly lit
  • Your positivity growsand gave mepositivity for the day
  • It was really upliftingand made me feelgood
  • Very helpful!
  • Really brought up theidea of unity well
  • Freddie wasawesome. I’d go sofar to say he was ‘lit’
  • You’re a greatspeaker and had agood flow
  • I loved it! You didgreat with controlling the group and relating to your audience!
  • I liked how enthusiastic he was and understanding. He was an amazing speaker and gave everyone a chance to be heard
  • You opened a wall that will allow us to support one another
  • Very rad vibe
  • Recognizing the clubs, sports, activities around school
  • The feeling of unity between students
  • Amazing the different quotes and thinking about different ways to approach it. I wish we did that more.
  • Meeting others and note cards
  • The 5 vowels of leadership and talking as a whole group about ways to collaborate
  • Note cards and sharing how we can help all programs
  • The atmosphere this program evoked was a feeling other speakers don’t. I attended things where small groups (100-300 titans) and this was the best so far.
  • Learning about people I didn’t know and getting deeper with people I did
  • Opening up to people
  • Getting in our small groups and learning about their passions and how they lead people
  • Talking and collaborating and sharing ideas with so many people in different organizations
  • When we came up with ideas torecognize othergroups
  • A lot of people have alot to say about thetopics that were given
  • The leadershipqualities that my peers had, learning those
  • Kevin’s monologue
  • The deep andintellectual talk I hadwith my group
  • How fun this was
  • How similar I am withothers
  • Touching to hear mygroups stories
  • Impressed how lovingand supportive the overall environment was
  • That today was so interactive and inspiring
  • I was pleasantly surprised about how different this summit was then the previous
  • When Kevin recited “The Raven” and showed how cool the school’s drama program is
  • Never have I ever was lit
  • The love people have for all groups here at Antelope is really inspiring and eye opening
  • The presenter has personality and keeps you engaged with the material.
  • Freddie was amazing!! He really knew how to connect to the students.
  • Made it fun, yet touching
  • Freddie says lit and he’s a very cool guy. He always knows what to say and keeps the students entertained
  • You are awesome and one of the best speakers we’ve had
  • Made it fun! He’s funny
  • Got everyone involved!
  • His words were extremely meaningful and didn’t feel bored at all today
  • Cares a lot
  • He was great. Hetalked to me right when I walked in and showed that we have a lot of things in common.
  • Loved your respect for us
  • He understands what it is like to deal with teens
  • Usually speakers are boring but he mixed it up to make us interested
  • Appreciated the spot light put on smaller clubs and programs
  • Being welcomed in my group
  • Learning about how different groups can collaborate with each other to make the school a better place
  • This or that
  • Getting to see other perspectives on how to become more of a combination of groups
  • How personal it got; I really loved how programs specifically stated their goals. It was motivating to hear!
  • The “what’s one thing people don’t know about you?” It showed me to not judge a book by its cover.
  • Fun-loving, caring and well spoken
  • You were very inclusive and funny. Enjoyed it!
  • Relatable
  • This was very specialto me. I got to share a part of myself that not many people understand. Thank you for giving me that chance.
  • Super lit guy. Very laid back and knows what to tell us directly
  • Thank you so much for taking time to talk to us. Today was inspiring! Honestly!
  • Very upbeat
  • The presenter wasreally good and I could tell that he was really passionate about leadership
  • He showed me different ways to know someone and not to judge

SAFE Credit Union – Internship Program ’15, ’16, & ’17

“Servant Leadership, Communication & Ethics Training”



Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 8.00.39 PM

Oakmont High School – July 2017 – ASB Leadership Team

“Team Building – Attitude – Commitment Workshop” 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 2.57.17 PM

Antelope High School – June 2017 – ASB Leadership Team

“Team Building – Leadership – Communication Workshop” 

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 3.12.23 PM

Laguna Creek High School – May 2017 – Career Readiness Training

Interviewing & Professional “Life” Skills




“Recently, Freddie gave an incredible soft skills presentation to my senior high school students who will be going through mock interviews with three different companies in a few weeks. Freddie spent considerable time prior to the presentation learning the ins and outs of our program and put together a VERY relevant and timely PowerPoint tailored to my students and the experience they will soon be walking into. He went through the rubric I supplied to prepare my students for what they would be expected to excel in; he role played with a handful of students what a successful interview would look like, and he wove the work that the students have done in my Career Technical Education class into successful strategies and statements that would make the mock interview process as successful and impressive as possible. I have tremendous respect and high praise for the quality of Freddie’s work. I can only give my highest support and recommendation for Freddie Silveria as an effectual public speaker and one who has the gift to pass his knowledge and skills on to others.”

Eric Johnson, Laguna Creek High School Green Energy Technology Academy Academy Co -Coordinator and CTE Instructor

“Freddie recently spent a day with our teenage interns concentrating on servant leadership and ethics. He used personal stories to engage and connect with the students and he not only kept them involved, but he ensured they were still speaking about him days later. The message he delivered was specific to my needs and his delivery was superb. He knows how to relate to their level and he delivers in a manner that is most impactful for their future. I am excited to have Freddie as a resource for our future programs and would recommend him to any organization who looks to make a difference in the youth of our community.” – Elise Schexnayder, Director SAFE Credit Union Summer Internship Program

“Wanting to help others, humorous, intelligent, and enthusiasm are great qualities that Freddie possesses. Giving great examples and activities to explain Ethics and Servant Leadership, he kept us interested. Personally, from the 2 week internship, I took his Servant Leadership course to heart as the best part! Freddie did an extraordinary job at capturing our attention and changing our way of thinking. Because of this, I am even trying to see if he would be able to speak to my high school, he was very inspiring. In complete honesty I haven’t met a speaker that actually did there job correctly or actually engaged with his audience as much as he did. So if I am going to cast a vote it would be to choose this guy right here, you won’t regret it!” – Sarah Hill, SAFE Intern